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  1. well i'm back, 71 slayer, got a dh helm and verac helm in 2 days from barrows to help me with getting started
  2. got 90 fletching last night, but because i was at my aunt's i didn't get a pic, working on 63 herblore atm, then 70 thieving/85 cooking and such. trying to get 100k xp a day during the weekdays, a lvl on friday/saturday, and free skilling on sunday :P
  3. well incase my few blog readers have been wondering what i've been doing, i've been fletching on to my goal of 99 recently got this today also, joined a new skilling clan, once i get 99 fletching i will go back to 99 defence with slayer. or skill for a bit longer, who knows :P
  4. need a new sig and banner for my blog, if you can get the rs skills going around in a rectangle or square/ any shape :P and in the middle saying "skate4u's blog to 2000 total" for the banner and "click for skate4u's blog to 2000 total on the signature" would be appreciated, i had to delete gimp because it and all the other files :(
  5. 61 rc got it last night forgot to post it ;P about to get an smithing lvl and gonna keep doign agility, rc fletching, and sometother ones :P
  6. well, i have recently decided to do something different, started running low on money, so i'm going to aviansies to camp for awhile, with the money i'm going to buy tons of stuff to zmi rc with, and slayer stuff :D anyone know how much ess it should take to get 75 from 60 with zmi?
  7. why the hell would a parent let a child that has just had surgery be by fireworks?
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