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  1. TOG brought me 41 Hunter. Getting closer to 1800 total level. Probably about three more tasks until 85 Slayer.
  2. Summoning is a slow skill indeed. I can't wait to see you with that cape on. It's going to be fantastic :D. Keep it up, Mens. You're kicking some serious behind :D.
  3. Hahah indeed they are Mens :D. Tears of Guthix is a beautiful thing :P. Thanks for posting :). Still working on the coveted level of 85 Slayer. Under 125k to reach that goal.
  4. You might remember me from about 50 pages back. I'm back again with another wild situation. I'm somewhat fresh off of a long term relationship (it ended about three months ago). I'd been searching for a prom date until a couple weeks ago. I met a girl and we hit it off immediately. I got her number and we ended up texting throughout the entire weekend, and calling each other on both weekend nights. This has been going on for around a month. Along the way I've mentioned I still wasn't sure who I was going to take to prom. Since that point, she had been very adamant about the fact that we would make an amazing prom couple. She texted me some of the sweetest things I've ever read. Forgive me for not believing it, but I think she's trying to play me. My issue is that I can't figure it out one way or another. Today I made up my mind. I believe her. I believe that she sees us in a relationship down the road, and I believe her when she says that she wants to be with me. I asked her to prom (I won't go into detail, but it was pretty well done). She agreed. Now here is where I'm starting to worry again. Over the last few hours she hasn't seemed that excited. I thought that if she really wanted to be with ME instead of being AT prom (she's a sophomore from another school, mind you), she would be more excited. Perhaps I'm asking for too much, but she's really been calm about the situation, so much so to the point where I'm worried if I'm being used. I'm so lost. I want to believe that she really likes me as much as she claims to, but it's hard because her texting is usually emotionless. It's a huge deal to me, and I asked her to prom which is what she said "meant the world to her". Am I being played, or should I trust her?
  5. Thanks, as always, Mark :D. You've been such a huge support and such a good friend to me. More good times ahead :P. No picture, but I got 53 Farming. Under 200k to 85 Slayer. Under 500k to 93 Def.
  6. All of the following likely coming next week: 88 WC 93 DEF 53+ Farming 40+ Hunter 85 Slayer
  7. Just got another dust devils task. Hoping to level up to 85 Slayer and 93 Defence soon. I've also been Woodcutting and Farming quite a bit lately to boost some of my levels a little. More good things are on the way.
  8. :D Thanks, Mens. 85 Should be coming up in the next couple weeks depending on my free time :P Random level: 87 Woodcutting.
  9. I should get some Cons levels :P. Thanks for posting Mark. It's always great to come back and see that you've left some support I'll be calling you up on that DK trip the second we both get time.
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