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  1. Sad stuff to read, honestly. Not sure what kind of employees these people were, but it sounds like there is little agreement between management and the workers. Definitely goes with the trend of where the game is going I suppose...
  2. So, is there a list anywhere for best dps in each combat style?
  3. Yeah, same problem. http://puu.sh/1kRRK
  4. Worth trying to get the Import Save button to work?
  5. Where on earth do you get all these incredibly bad movies from?! Lol loved it as usual :P That's Anchorman. Great movie.
  6. Well the max any pure will be is 102. For example, you could have a pure will just 99 Strength, the other with 99 Strength/Attack/Ranged/Magic and they would be the same combat level. So I guess this does kind of kill pures.
  7. I'm excited, seems like the game is finally modernizing.
  8. Well hopefully I have enough time to get at least the 10 hours of good bonus xp in...
  9. What are some things I could do whilst fletching broad arrows?
  10. You should be fine. Jagex seems to know it's not you trying to recover your account since they've been locking it.
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