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  1. Picked up another level today with 69 Farming. Hoping to get that, and Herblore over 70 soon. In the meantime, I'm under 300K away from 97 Strength. Current task is Dark Beasts. Also: Just hit 8M Slayer xp. Happy about that :).
  2. Picked up a quick Herblore level (69). 13 Away from 2,000 total. Hopefully will get 97 Strength this weekend.
  3. Do it again and I'll give you half :D! IKR. Got another task of Dark Beasts. Should get 94 Slayer on this task. And I should be halfway to 97 STR. Stoked. More coming soon.
  4. Thanks man :D. Hope to keep doing good things, like you :)! Dark: -________- So, yeah. I got 95 and 96 Strength. And 68 Farming. Oh, and this: 17M TT drop? Win. Coming up soon: 69 Farming, 69 Herblore, and 94 Slayer.
  5. I really need a new computer. -_____________- I need a girlfriend. Let's date. You're not my type. Ouch. ... Ouch.
  6. Picked up 94 Strength and 66 Farming recently. Edging closer to picking up 99 Strength, and hopefully by then I'll hit 95 Slayer. Hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures for my next few levels.
  7. So, I've not updated my blog in quite a while. Long story short, my laptop is broken, and my home computer is fried. So I've not had time to update very much, nor play for any extended period of time. However, I have gained a couple significant levels, those being 93 Strength and Slayer. I'm now about halfway to 94 Strength, and still shooting for max melee. Hopefully more to come soon. Just wanted to make sure I kept this thing going.
  8. Thank you baby ;) Two new levels: First Smithing in probably two or three years :oops: . Keeping up on Farming, trying to get it above 70. Next update will probably include 93 Strength and Slayer :D
  9. Dark, I'd agree with you, but I'm too nub to attain the levels/do the quests to even do it. Went missing for a little bit there. Got a few levels but haven't had time to update the blog. Only level I have pictured: Also got two Hunter levels (65-67). Hoping to actually get around to leveling Farming, Herblore, Hunter, Slayer, and Strength this week.
  10. Thank you kindly, Turnpike. I'm hoping to get around to those Barrows gloves soon :P Fail skill is fail: Had two Elite Clues from my last Slayer task (150 Desert Strykewyrms) with not much to show from either of them :/ [hide=Slayer Diary] Task: 224 Dark Beasts Starting Strength XP: 6,547,228 Starting Slayer XP: 6,895,783 Ending Strength XP: 6,738,687 (+191,459 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,943,793 (+48,010 xp) Noteable Drops: 20 Blue Charms Other Notes: None. Task: 243 Aberrant Spectres Starting Strength XP: 6,738,687 Starting Slayer XP: 6,943,793 Starting Ranged XP: 4,791,716 Ending Strength XP: 6,751,336 (+12,649 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,965,618 (+21,825 xp) Ending Ranged XP: 4,831,230 (+39,514 xp) Noteable Drops: 5 Snapdragon Seeds (49K) Other Notes: Died once on task, recovered all items. Cleared 15M HP xp on task. Task: 150 Desert Strykewyrms Starting Strength XP: 6,752,839 Starting Slayer XP: 6,965,618 Ending Strength XP: 6,825,160 (+72,321 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,983,618 (+18,000 xp) Noteable Drops: 2 Elite Clue Scrolls, Focus Sight (412K), 1,800 Pure Essence Other Notes: 1st Elite Clue: Worth 204K, Ancient Stole. 2nd: 412K [/hide] Finishing up my second Runite mining run. Then probably going to do some Hunter while people rage the D-tower update. Edging closer to 93 Slayer and Strength :D.
  11. I'll probably end up buying it after 99 Strength/Summoning. It's one of those skills I hate grinding. Never bought any Prayer xp. Halfway done: Also continued to level Farming: Lately my tasks have almost exclusively been Dust Devils and Nechs. [hide=Slayer Diary Update] Task: 244 Dust Devils Starting Strength XP: 5,984,373 Starting Slayer XP: 6,757,328 Ending Strength XP: 6,086,352 (+101,979 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,782,948 (+25,260 xp) Noteable Drops: 53 Crimson Charms, 96 Charms in total. Other Notes: Hit 6M Strength XP on task. Task: 169 Nechryael Starting Strength XP: 6,086,705 Starting Slayer XP: 6,782,948 Starting Prayer XP: 1,097,831 Ending Strength XP: 6,161,781 (+75,076 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,800,693 (+17,745 xp) Ending Prayer XP: 1,108,406 (+10,575 xp) Noteable Drops: 3 Rune Full Helms (62K Alch), 1 Torstol seed (200K) Other Notes: None. Task: 164 Dust Devils Starting Strength XP: 6,163,256 Starting Slayer XP: 6,800,693 Ending Strength XP: 6,231,908 (+68,652 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,817,913 (+17,220 xp) Noteable Drops: None. Other Notes: None. Task: 169 Nechryael Starting Strength XP: 6,231,908 Starting Slayer XP: 6,817,913 Starting Prayer XP: 1,108,406 Ending Strength XP: 6,308,217 Ending Slayer XP: 6,835,658 Ending Prayer XP: 1,118,869 Noteable Drops: 100K in Rune Drops. Other Notes: None. Task: 150 Living Rock Creatures Starting Strength XP: 6,308,217 Starting Slayer XP: 6,835,658 Ending Strength XP: 6,452,976 (+144,759 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,872,053 (+36,395 xp) Noteable Drops: 49 Green Charms, 1523 Living Minerals (423K) Other Notes: Task worth 550K+ Task: 226 Dust Devils Starting Strength XP: 6,452,976 Starting Slayer XP: 6,872,053 Ending Strength XP: 6,547,228 (+94,252 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,895,783 (+23,730) Noteable Drops: 52 Crimson Charms Other Notes: 92 Strength achieved on task. [/hide] Wrapping up a task of Dark Beasts now. No D-bows thus far, but I love doing them anyway. Looking to level Herblore, Dungeoneering, and Thieving in between some Slayer tasks these next few days.
  12. Two new combat related levels (as previously mentioned): [hide=Slayer Diary] Task: 164 Abyssal Demons Startin Strength XP: 5,820,816 Starting Slayer XP: 6,702,658 Starting Prayer XP: 1,087,269 Ending Strength XP: 5,918,634 (+97,818 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,727,258 (+24,600 xp) Ending Prayer XP: 1,097,831 (+10,562 xp) Noteable Drops: Abyssal Whip (390K), 3 Rune Chains (90K total), 50 Crimson charms Other Notes: Level 91 Strength, 74 Prayer, and 129 Combat all achieved on task. Task: 185 Aberrant Spectres Starting Strength XP: 5,919,617 Starting Slayer XP: 6,727,258 Starting Ranged XP: 4,756,730 Ending Strength XP: 5,929,950 (+10,333 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,743,908 (+16,650 xp) Ending Ranged XP: 4,791,716 (+34,986 xp) Noteable Drops: ~100K in alchs, 75K in herbs. Other Notes: None. Task: 122 Jungle Strykewyrms Starting Strength XP: 5,929,950 Starting Slayer XP: 6,743,908 Ending Strength XP: 5,984,345 (+54,395 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,757,328 (+13,420 xp) Noteable Drops: Elite Clue Scroll (200K loot) Other Notes: None. [/hide]
  13. Small update: The internet where I'm currently staying is very slow and unreliable at best, so it's been a little difficult for me to play consistently lately. Here's an overdue (and rather large) update of my slayer diary: [Hide=Slayer Diary] Task: 78 Black Dragons Starting Attack XP: 12,355,013 Starting Slayer XP: 6,407,663 Starting Prayer XP: 1,058,105 Ending Attack XP: 12,417,515 (+62,502 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,423,116 (+15,453 xp) Ending Prayer XP: 1,063,679 (+5,574 xp) Noteable Drops: None. Other Notes: Dungeoneering run done during task. Task: 126 Living Rock Creatures Starting Attack XP: 12,417,515 Starting Slayer XP: 6,423,116 Ending Attack XP: 12,539,321 (+121,806 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,453,504 (+30,388 xp) Noteable Drops: Trip worth ~600K Other Notes: 1 Patriarch Killed. Task: 111 Desert Strykewyrms Starting Attack XP: 12,539,321 Starting Slayer XP: 6,453,504 Ending Attack XP: 12,592,745 (+53,424 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,466,824 (+13,320 xp) Noteable Drops: None. Other Notes: None. Task: 182 Nechryals Starting Attack XP: 12,594,611 Starting Slayer XP: 6,466,824 Starting Prayer XP: 1,063,679 Ending Attack XP: 12,676,675 (+82,064 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,485,934 (+19,110 xp) Ending Prayer XP: 1,075,092 (+11,413 xp) Noteable Drops: 48 Crimson Charms. Other Notes: None. Task: 230 Aberrant Spectres Starting Attack XP: 12,677,031 Starting Slayer XP: 6,485,934 Starting Ranged XP: 4,680,594 Ending Attack XP: 12,692,795 (+15,764 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,506,634 (+20,700 xp) Ending Ranged XP: 4,721,855 (+41,261 xp) Noteable Drops: None. other Notes: None. Task: 12 Mithril Dragons Starting Attack XP: 12,693,778 Starting Slayer XP: 6,506,634 Ending Attack XP: 12,707,496 (+13,718 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,509,910 (+3,276 xp) Noteable Drops: 2 Rune Bars (26K) Other NoteS: None. Task: 108 Desert Strykewyrms Starting Attack XP: 12,707,469 Starting Slayer XP: 6,509,910 Ending Attack XP: 12,759,440 (+51,944 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,522,970 (+12,960 xp) Noteable Drops: Focus Sight (290K) Other Notes: 92 Slayer Achieved on task. Task: 221 Dark Beasts Starting Attack XP: 12,759,440 Starting Slayer XP: 6,522,970 Ending Attack XP: 12,950,985 (+191,545 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,570,429 (+47,459 xp) Noteable Drops: Dark Bow (250K), 680 Coal (170K), 300 Adamant Bolts (57K) Other Notes: Under 100K xp to 99 Attack on task. Task worth over 500K. Task: 120 Living Rock Creatures Starting Attack XP: 12,950,985 Starting Strength XP: 5,424,355 Starting Slayer XP: 6,570,429 Ending Attack XP: 13,034,773 (+83,788 xp) Ending Strength XP: 5,462,832 (+38,477 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,600,712 (+30,283 xp) Noteable Drops: Task worth ~400K Other Notes: 99 Attack Achieved on task. Saradomin Sword bought for 5M even. Bank cash at 222M Task: 152 Spiritual Mages Starting Strength XP: 5,462,832 Starting Slayer XP: 6,600,712 Ending Strength XP: 5,509,353 (+46,521 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,612,112 (+11,400 xp) Noteable Drops: 3 Dragon Boots (144K ea, 432K total) Other Notes: First task training purely Strength. Task: 202 Dark Beasts Starting Strength XP: 5,509,353 Starting Slayer XP: 6,612,112 Ending Strength XP: 5,692,465 (+183,112 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,657,643 (+45,531 xp) Noteable Drops: 40 Blue Charms, Ancient Effigy Other Notes: 250th Consecutive Task. Task: 182 Abyssal Demons Starting Strength XP: 5,692,465 Starting Slayer XP: 6,657,643 Starting Prayer XP: 1,075,394 Ending Strength XP: 5,800,873 (+108,408 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,684,793 (+27,150 xp) Ending Prayer XP: 1,087,269 (+11,875 xp) Noteable Drops: Abyssal Whip (426K) Other Notes: None. Task: 199 Aberrant Spectres Starting Strength XP: 5,800,873 Starting Slayer XP: 6,684,793 Starting Ranged XP: 4,721,855 Ending Strength XP: 5,818,878 (+18,005 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,702,658 (+17,865 xp) Ending Ranged XP: 4,756,730 (+34,875 xp) Noteable Drops: 1 Torstol seed (180K) Other Notes: None. [/hide] Current task is 164 Abyssal Demons. On this task I'll actually get both 74 Prayer and 91 Strength, which will in-turn raise my combat level to 129. More to come.
  14. 99 #7: Attack: Next up is Strength. Buying a SS as per the recomendation by my buddy Dark :P. More goals will be upcoming. For the next couple days I'm gonna just implusively play and not worry about any grinding.
  15. You've summed up my entire viewpoint on the skill in a mere two words. This is why ily. After my Dark Beasts task (which provided a total net value of over 500K, Dark Bow included), I was given a task of 120 Living Rock Creatures. On this task I'll get the necessary remaining xp for 99 Attack. I'm currently at about 15K to the level, so that'll be coming in my next post. Then I'll probably take a minor break from Slayer and combat in general before buying a weapon suitable to train Strength.
  16. A couple of cool little things to update. First, I obtained 67 Herblore. Picture is forthcoming. Then, I got an Agility level: Noob level, I know, but I can't be bothered with Agility. Hate it. Now, the level that counts: I'm over 3/4ths of the way from 98 to 99 Attack. I can smell it. And it smells good. Hopefully I'll have that ko'ed in the next week.
  17. Been a few days since my last post. I've been quite busy with school, and naturally the moment the weekend came I felt a bit of a soreness in my throat. So that's hampered my ability to enjoy my weekend, or make much progress. However, I do have a couple things to update. First, another Farming level: I'm also under 1K xp to 67 Herblore and 62 Agility, so those should be coming with my next post. In terms of my combat goals, I'm a little under halfway from 98 to 99 Attack, and about 80% of the way from 91 to 92 Slayer. Rather large Diary update: [hide=Slayer Diary] Task: 152 Nechryael Starting Attack XP: 11,902,297 Starting Slayer XP: 6,246,580 Starting Prayer XP: 1,034,543 Ending Attack XP: 11,970,396 (+68,099 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,262,540 (+15,960 xp) Ending Prayer XP: 1,044,043 (+9,500 xp) Noteable Drops: 1 Torstol Seed (184K) Other Notes: None. Task: 230 Black Demons Starting Attack XP: 11,970,396 Starting Slayer XP: 6,262,540 Starting Prayer XP: 1,044,043 Starting Ranged XP: 4,560,923 Ending Attack XP: 12,026,809 (+55,413 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,296,923 (+34,383 xp) Ending Prayer XP: 1,058,105 (+14,062 xp) Ending Ranged XP: 4,608,669 (+47,746 xp) Noteable Drops: 111K in Alchs, 50k in Herbs, 56 Gold Charms, 87 Crimson Charms Other Notes: None. Task: 95 Jungle Strykewyrms Starting Attack XP: 12,026,809 Starting Slayer XP: 6,296,923 Ending Attack XP: 12,068,705 (+41,941 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,307,373 (+10,450 xp) Noteable Drops: None. Other Notes: Went under 1M xp to 99 Attack on task. Task: 175 Dagannoth Starting Attack XP: 12,068,705 Starting Slayer XP: 6,307,373 Starting Ranged XP: 4,608,669 Ending Attack XP: 12,076,125 (+7,420 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,322,773 (+15,400 xp) Ending Ranged XP: 4,638,409 (+29,740 xp) Noteable Drops: 4 Snaprdragon Seeds (20K) Other Notes: None. Task: 204 Spiritual Mages: Starting Attack XP: 12,076,125 Starting Slayer XP: 6,322,773 Ending Attack XP: 12,139,264 (+63,139 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,338,073 (+15,300 xp) Noteable Drops: 1 Dragon Boots (143K) Other Notes: None. Task: 10 Mithril Dragons Starting Attack XP: 12,139,264 Starting Slayer XP: 6,338,073 Ending Attack XP: 12,152,333 (+13,069 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,340,803 (+2,730 xp) Noteable Drops: 1 Chewed Bones (20 Adamant Knives) Other Notes: None. Task: 104 TzHarr (No Jad) Starting Attack XP: 12,152,333 Starting Slayer XP: 6,340,803 Ending Attack XP: 12,210,573 (+58,240 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,355,323 (+14,520 xp) Noteable Drops: 67K Tokkul Other Notes: None. Task: 182 Dust Devils Starting Attack XP: 12,210,573 Starting Slayer XP: 6,355,323 Ending Attack XP: 12,287,117 (+76,544 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,374,328 (+17,005 xp) Noteable Drops: 1 full Crystal Key Other Notes: None. Task: 245 Aberrant Spectres (Cannoning) Starting Attack XP: 12,287,117 Starting Slayer XP: 6,374,328 Starting Ranged XP: 4,638,409 Ending Attack XP: 12,306,615 (+19,498 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 3,396,333 (+22,005 xp) Ending Ranged XP: 4,680,594 (+42,185 xp) Noteable Drops: 100K in Herbs, 75K in Alchs. Other Notes: None. Task: 103 Jungle Strykewyrms Starting Attack XP: 12,306,615 Starting Slayer XP: 3,396,333 Ending Attack XP: 12,352,199 Ending Slayer XP: 6,407,663 Noteable Drops: Tooth Half of Key (20K), Elite Clue Scroll. Other Notes: Elite Clue held Armadyl Chaps (1M) and Bandos Chaps (135K). [/hide] During my most recent task (Jungle Strykewyrms), I obtained my sixth Elite Clue Scroll. For the first time, I actually obtained a TT specific reward, which was a pair of Armadyl Chaps, and a pair of Bandos Chaps. The Armadyl ones are worth around 1M, and the Bandos are a little over 100K. It was nice to finally get a little lucky from a clue, particularly an Elite one. Next up is 78 Black Dragons. Hopefully a few more levels, and just a few more days until 99 Attack.
  18. New levels: Lowest level: Capitalizing on what Swedishboy suggested: One more level to go: Also got 75 Thieving, but lost the pic. Here's a Slayer Diary update: [hide=Slayer Diary] Task: 181 Abyssal Demons Starting Attack XP: 11,616,125 Starting Slayer XP: 6,177,010 Starting Prayer XP: 1,012,593 Ending Attack XP: 11,725,033 (+108,908 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,204,160 (+27,150 xp) Ending Prayer XP: 1,023,905 (+11,312 xp) Noteable Drops: Abyssal Whip (560K), 56 Crimson Charms Other Notes: None. Task: 170 Nechryael Starting Attack XP: 11,726,999 Starting Slayer XP: 6,204,160 Starting Prayer XP: 1,023,905 Ending Attack XP: 11,803,543 (+76,544 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,222,010 (+17,850 xp) Ending Prayer XP: 1,034,543 (+10,638 xp) Noteable Drops: 2 Torstol Seeds (353K), 2 Dragonstones (47K), 100k in Rune Alchs, 50+ Crimson Charms. Other Notes: Task worth over 750K Task: 234 Dust Devils Starting Attack XP: 11,803,543 Starting Slayer XP: 6,222,010 Ending Attack XP: 11,901,881 (+98,338 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,246,580 (+24,570 xp) Noteable Drops: 52 Crimson Charms. Other Notes: 98 Attack gained on task. Over 7,000 Crimson Charms now in bank. [/hide] New task is 152 Nechs (...again :/). My last three tasks have all been nice and profitable, but unfortunately I haven't had any good clues. My most recent one was, no joke, worth 19k. So hopefully that picks up. Other than that, I'm looking forward to adding a new skill cape with Attack. Going to try to get that over the course of this next week.
  19. Only one level to report since my last update: However, I am very close (under 10k xp in each) to all of the following levels: -62 Agility. -67 Herblore. -62 Farming. -47 Construction. I'm also under 200k to 98 Attack, and over 40% of the way from 91-92 Slayer. No overly interesting drops/clues to report. Clues have been totally barren (including a seven-stepper that ended with about 60k worth of stuff), and the most I've received in terms of valuable slayer rewards is 2 focus sights from Desert Strykeworms. I've started keeping a Slayer Diary of sorts, so I'll post that underneath here. It has my starting/ending xp of whatever skills are applicable between Attack, Slayer, Strength, Prayer, and/or Ranged, and also includes noteworthy drops and the like. I'm going for 99 Attack first, then switching to Strength. Prayer xp is only gained on tasks like Abby Demons, Nechs, Dragons, ect. Ranged is only for cannonable creatrures. [Hide=Slayer Task Diary] Task: 96 Desert Strykeworms Starting Attack XP: 11,251,390 Starting Slayer XP: 6,091,383 Ending Attack XP: 11,297,657 (+46,267 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,102,903 (+11,520 xp) Noteable Drops: Focus Sight (295K) Other Notes: None. Task: 202 Dark Beasts Starting Attack XP: 11,297,657 Starting Slayer XP: 6,102,903 Ending Attack XP: 11,493,593 (+195,536 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,148,885 (+45,982 xp) Noteable Drops: 30+ Blue Charms. Other Notes: Troll Invasion was done during task which added some attack xp (Book used on Agility). Task: 157 Nechryael Starting Attack XP: 11,493,593 Staring Slayer XP: 6,148,885 Starting Prayer XP: 1,002,306 Ending Attack XP: 11,563,888 (+70,295 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,165,370 (+16,485 xp) Ending Prayer XP: 1,012,593 (+10,287 xp) Noteable Drops: 4 Snapdragon Seeds (28k), 6 Fellstalk seeds (60k). Other Notes: None. Task: 97 Desert Strykeworms Starting Attack XP: 11,567,096 Starting Slayer XP: 6,165,370 Ending Attack XP: 11,614,734 (+47,638 xp) Ending Slayer XP: 6,177,010 (+11,640 xp) Noteable Drops: Focus Sight (295K), 1,200 Pure Essence (100K) Other Notes: Died once, recovered all items. Hit 226M in bank in between tasks. [/hide] More to come soon :D.
  20. Thanks for the support Swedishboy :D. I try my best to get a Farming run in every day, but I forget a lot of the time :/. I do need to get that up a level or ten, though, I agree :) A few new levels: And another combat-related level: I'm really enjoying Pyramid Plunder lately, so it's possible I'll be getting a few more Thieving levels over the coming days. I've also done a few clue scrolls over the last week which have essentially been fruitless save one which had Zamorak Platelegs. After my current Nechs task I'll be a little over halfway from 97-98 Attack, and about a third of the way from 91 to 92 Slayer. Oh, and I'm also at 1950 total level, so only 50 more until the (now) forgettable 2,000 total level milestone.
  21. Found you Dark :) Oh, and no, Turnpikes, I don't have Barrows gloves. Yes, I'm aware that they help a lot, and yes, it's pretty noobish of me to have not done RFD, but oh well. I'll get them eventually. XP Weekend: I wasn't overly efficient during the xp weekend, but I got a few of the levels I was searching for. Leveled Agility (Probably my least favorite skill) three times: Worked on Thieving a bit: Two combat-related level-ups: And finally, my tenth 90+ stat: Didn't get around to doing Summoning. I'll probably get to it eventually, but I might put it on the back-burner until I get 99 Attack and Strength. I already have enough charms for 88 Summoning, and hopefully after getting 99 Attack and Strength, I'll have enough charms for 90+ Summoning. After that I hope to start doing some solo boss-hunting, and buying a few more 99s. I already have 223M in cash banked, but I'm not sure what I want to spend it on just yet. More to come :)
  22. Mens :D. I'm sorry about the RS chat, my laptop is so slow that I cannot sustain anything for very long. You know I'm always happy to help with anything I can, buddy. You don't need to thank me for anything, that's what having friends are for, no matter the amount of distance or pixels that separate us. I'll always be someone you can go to :).
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