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  1. Dark bow is a junk, i wonder if anyone will use it for caves. Msb is still remain best ranger weapon. I dont like opinion of players who havent tested it. This bow just weaker with rune arrows and dragon arrows making 1 shoot price worth compared with ice bariage. If you going to allow you oponent eat few sharks while you shooting next time then its your best choose. For pvm i can say its making like 1.4 less damage per seacond so i dont see any point using it. Maybe i'm too high for that bow but for me its useless toy like seercull
  2. []s was part of RSC. Kites neded very high smithing to make so everyone used []s. Its just pointless now.
  3. if bow high alching price will be low no one will pk with it
  4. I belive new bows will drop in price like crazy. Too much ppl can get em. Yeah dark beasts harder to kill... But then first whip droped there was monopoly... 1 player against 3k... They will drop for 5mil each first day released.
  5. you should really start playing runescape again. crystal bow is the best bow when you can recharge it 180k/time. Yes, it doesn't have a spec, but it is the best bow. noob, msb is a best bow in game and own your crystal like crazy.
  6. Ppl get real, then whips come out no one could getting em... After a while there was first player able to kill abby demons for whip. This time we got 2.7k+ players can get bows, like 500 players will get lvl90 before relaese. Some ppl will kill darks with pies.... Price will go down very quick.
  7. 1-80 hunter in 2 days then it come out, 46-75 runecrafting in 4 days, 66-80 prayer in 2 days(yes i know its not realy cool but still)
  8. I use lunar cos better to drop ~700k total then you die. :D
  9. I've made top at 1st day of update. And got boots next day... I'm lucky 8-)
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