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  1. That is not huge at all, sorry. I remember back when the player G__Punkt was rune pure - he or she had +2100-2200 total. Theres a long way for you to get to THAT point. Overall I'd rate it 4/10 - because of the cash.
  2. Stats: (138 Cmb) All quests/achivement diarys done. Bank: A few notes about my wealth: As you can see, ALL of my buyable stats have been maxed out - in the process, I've spent roughly 1.5 BILLION on it. I never did anything the "cheap" way - 99 cons with mahogs, 99 firemaking with magics, 99 fletching with adamant arrows, 50% of 99 summoning with barrages (remaining 50% with fiends/slayer), I piety'd and cannonballed slayer, list goes on. If you think it makes my achivements worse to have done it the quick, money-spending way, then think about it one more time - I didn't get ANY of this money for free. No rares (account started roughly around the release of farming), I never have been lucky the first few days at new monsters with drops (I spent a few days camping dark beasts hoping to get a bow when they came out - got my first one when they were 2M), etc... It's all from godwarring, dagannoth kings and slayer, when the prices had settled down. I don't really play alot anymore - IRL's taken over. I still do drop in and do some monsterhunting at times, and my current goals are all +80's skillwise, and all the "good" gear item wise (Armadyl, SGS, ranger set, all those "hawt" items you don't need but makes your bank look cool).
  3. Thanks everyone, and to those saying RC is a buyable: No its not. A buyable concludes, as far as I have EVER heard: A training method that needs vast money ressources to work. Runecrafting needs maybe 5K pure essence (750K) and 10 glory amulets (500K), which means less than 1.5M cash to be trained efficiently, and from there on, its 100% self suffient - makes the money to buy the new items itself. If runecrafting is buyable because of that, then what about woodcutting? To train it most efficiently, you need a axe which costs 1.8M - thats more than runecrafting needs to be trained efficiently, and not even 1M more than 99 firemaking costs (which is a buyable, right?) in willows from lv 1. Also, to me, a buyable goes fast - it isn't slow as hell.
  4. Not gonna be one of my longer posts, its 1 AM and I figured I'd just throw it out here. That's my number 17 99, and last buyable skill, so now, theres two things left for me to do: Raise the nonbuyables at a lovely steady rate instead of gathering money like a dwarf in a goldmine, and then burst into activity and get the 99 in a matter of days, and monsterhunt for money to get my... "Ultimate" bank. GS set, divine or elysian shield, godwars armor, all that crap that everyone wants but no one really needs.
  5. 8/10 ^_^. Skully, J/W, why do you rate it 3/10? For someone with as low stats as his were when he started and is now its quite a accomplishment to solo hybrid the six drops prime/supreme.
  6. Heya! Today, jagex just released the thing I've been longing for in ages - a NEW boss monster! It's level 785, with a known max hit of 51 with melee, and reports of upto 64 with ranged. I have no idea about the max hits of magic as I have only fighted it using the magic prayer. I went in with 5-6 friends and I noticed something straight away - it is not as hard as it looks at all. Theres ways to survive it and perhaps kill it in one trip if you are really good, I did it with my friends returning 2 times myself in black hides and rune helm using ranged. First off, information on the beast: (Thanks to 14Cookie14 for picture). Combat Level: 785. Hitpoints: 2000 (Note: Ruby bolts special will hit a max of 100). Melee attack: 51 Dmg. Ranged attack: 65+ Dmg. Magic attack: Currently unknown. Splash attack: This attack hits down in the ground and hits randomely in a 3X3 area around the place it hit. It's the same attack as it uses in the quest, so I would guess the max is 25. Known drops: Charms - All kinds, 13 each time. Spirit Shield (Worth 250K in GE). 175 Onyx Bolts (E). 250 Law Runes. 2500 Pure Essence. 300 Death Runes. 20 Runite ores (F). Mystic Fire Staff. Mystic Air Staff. 35 Adamantite Bars. Regeneration Bracelet (F). 30 Un Noted Tuna Potatoes (F). 250 Soul Runes (F). Mystic Robe Bottoms (No number specified) (F). 100 Teak Planks (F). 24 Watermelon Seeds (F). 500 Cosmic Runes (F). 10 Ranarr Seeds (F). 750 Adamantite Arrows (F). 2000 Cannoballs (F). 300 Green Dragonhides (F). 40 Antipoison ++ (F). 250 Runite Bolts (F). Half Keys (F). Gems (F). (Speculated) Mystic Water Staff. (Speculated) Mystic Earth Staff. I would guess that is drops the Sigils and Elixir too, but I have not yet found any picture proof of this. Speculated means that there is no proof, but seeing as the other two elemental staffs is there theres a high chance they will be. (F) Means theyre from officall forums or no picture to proof them. Seems quite nice, doesnt it? Now, we get to the part where it begins to get fun - the fight! Recommended Levels: +90 Hitpoints. +85 Defence. +75 Prayer. +90 Ranged. OR for melee: +90 In all melee stats. (Yes, they are very high, but for a 5 man team this should be the min you have - this is, afterall, the strongest monster in RS). I would suggest this gear for fighting it: Ranged: Helm: Torags --> Veracs (not a wise choise, alot to lose) --> Neitznot --> Any Range boosting helmet --> Rune Full. Cape: Accumolater (spell?). Amulet: Fury --> Glory --> Power. Bolts: Ruby with diamond in inventory. Plate: Black Dragonhide (No use in taking karils, it's alot to lose and hardly gives more bonusses). Shield: Dragonfire --> Granite --> Rune Kite --> Unholy Book. Legs: Torags --> Dharoks --> Veracs --> Rune --> Black Dhide. Gloves: Highest level RFD gloves --> Black Dhide Vambs. Boots: Snakeskin. Ring: Life --> Recoil. Melee: Helm: Neitiznot helm. Cape: Skillcape. Amulet: Fury. Plate: Any really. Shield: None. Legs: Any really. Gloves: Highest RFD gloves. Boots: Dragon --> Climbing. Ring: Life --> Recoil. Weapon: Zamorakian spear. *NEW* Information is out, saying that he is VERY weak to stab attacks - this means zamorakian spear will be the ideal to fight him with when he's on 15-25% hp or lower. Inventory: Games Necklase - Diamond Bolts - One click Tele - 30-50 Purple Sweets. 4+ Super restores. 4+ Saradomin Brews. One super att/str pot. Fill the rest with the best food you have (Mantas, Sharks). Note: The Corporeal beast will KILL your summoning creatures if you summon any - you could take a spirit terrorbird filled with sharks or monks and let it die inside the creatures lair and mooch of the pile on the ground for as long as they stay (I'm not sure but I think items dropped by summoning monsters stays for 5 minutes instead of 2). Now, you might say "why all the cheap gear?" Well, that's because when you die YOU DO NOT GET A GRAVESTONE! DO N O T GO IN WITH ITEMS YOU DONT WANT TO LOSE UNLESS YOURE 100% SURE YOU PROTECT THEM!!! Now we get to the real deal - the fight and the tactics. Let's say youre in a 5 man team. Here's what you would want to do: Color Code: Red Dot: Boss respawn point (It will move however - just line up around it like that again when it happens). Green Dots: Players killing it. Blue Line: Entrance to cave. Yellow Line: Rute to run around. Explanation of tactic: You all line up AS FAR FROM EACH OTHER as possible. It's splash damage WILL damage everyone if youre standing grouped together. Now, the beast will focus on one person with it's range and mage attack (alike jad it will only melee if you go near it) - that person follows the yellow line and shakes off the beast that way. Another method could be stand below it so it dances and gives no damage for a bit of time - could also give you time to heal up. My team managed to kill 80% of a beast before anyone of us had to bank/died (4 items) using this tactic, and we only had to tele because of one thing: The dark soul piece thingie. Like Jad's healers, this thing shows up when the Beast hits half hitpoints. Theres only one of them, it's lv 75 and it has 25 HP. It will target someone in the room, fly on to them and as long as the person is standing in that spot (s)he will be hit 6-8's constantly, draining your HP to the beast. The only way to avoid this is running a few squares away whenever you see the little critter target you - you could kill it, but it can't be hit while its flying to its target and it will respawn again shortly after alike the godwars minions. Another way to shake him off is running onto him, making him dance for a few seconds to attack you. I tried this with a small group (3 people) and we managed to get him to 75% hp or so untill I died due to both other team mates standing below the beast when it was on me. This works good as you get free seconds to heal or damage in, so I would recommend trying it. That's all for now - I will be updating this thread as I get more information and validation of drops, etc... Hope you enjoy the information - GL getting a sigil or elixir!! (Note: If anyone actually gets a sigil or elixir of the beast, I would be VERY happy to have the picture sent to me in a PM - if it is not coinshared, I would be the happiest boy alive if you sent me the picture of the enchanted shield along with the special effect).
  7. So, heres the story on why I have had no updates for more than a week: Friday 12 days ago or something I started to feel bad, and saturday I had a full blown fever. The days after that I didn't feel well at all, and just laid in my bed and such. The little I did play didn't really give anything. I really just did barrages at rock lobsters when I were in the mood to play, and used up my charms when I got them. One time I died due to a electricial discharge and lost 7M + 450 crimsons etc, didn't play for the rest of the day and the next because I was discouraged <_<. Sometime since my last update I went on two solo hybrid trips and ended up getting a seercull of supreme and dragon axe and mud staff of prime: Anyway, it all added up, and monday this week I ended up getting 99 summoning - pictures 97 to 99: 98 Laying on laptop, will upload next time im on (tomorrow). And after 350+ dragons of various breeds and a full day of killing em, my baby egg: Anyway, new plan is to get 88 smithing and then make the appromax 45m (12-15 banked atm) to get 99 smithing. Toying with the thought of 99 theif after, but might just go for 99 construction one level at the time, make the money as I go instead of piling it all up. As for the solo area, I haven't updated it with the DK drops or logs just yet, don't have time right now. The prices of everything have been crashing, so its getting less and less worth it to solo all the items. Granted, I might still do it for the heck and challenge of it, but the crash in prices really have put a downer on my motivation. I might just go there in teams to make the money for all the items I want (roughly 50M excluding a godsword. Still planning on solo'ing that no matter what) and the ~100M for 99 construction (over time). Not decided yet really, all I know is im going to raise my dragon and smith now :).
  8. So, you most likely guessed it, 99 summon, and maxed cmb, including slayer (I see it as a cmb stat): Few facts: 0-80 = random charm collecting, bit of slayer, bit of fiends, bit of lobs, no real numbers. 80-83 = Slayer. 83-88 = Barrages at lobs. 88-94 = Slayer (got 99 after 94). 94-96 = Waterfiends. 96-99 = Barrages at lobs. Used roughly 47.5K pouches. Lost 150-200M on it. Not sure really, bought all seconds the day summ 2 came out :S. Also, my baby drag egg after: 198 Green Dragons - 89 Red Dragons And 65 Black Dragons: Pretty proud of it, 15th 99. Plans for now is get 88 smith, then get the 45m (around 12-15m atm) needed for 99 smith. Toying with the thought of 99 theif after, but might go for 99 cons one level at the time.
  9. Just FYI... The KBD ONLY hits with melee and "X". The fireballs are N O T magic based as they are not negated by the magic prayer. The only creatures able to hit through magic pray with a magic attack is other players and summons (K'ril can do it for melee attacks, but he has it mentioned) so I doubt KBD would have a secret "negate prayer" power.
  10. I would say... 1K golds, 2-3k greens, 5k crims and 10k blues. Thing is, if they were any lower, people could from 13k summoning exp get 13k-->13m summ exp in literally ONE minute, if they had the money (Stares at enipeus): 200M in grey chinchompas. 1071M in shards (could trade in pouches for shards so its way less though). and 51K blue charms. That could be done in one trip to a alter...
  11. 23th Aug 08: Time for my "bi weekly update" :roll:. Yea, sorry about the lag of updates, but I havent been up to much and I havent been playing alot either :/. Basically, all I have been doing since 99 slayer is getting 96 summoning and then waterfiending 94-96. Now that I have achived 96 and have maxed combat, im just TIRED of waterfiends, so I decided to sell a few items (My cannon, and cannonballs for example. Wont need it anymore, never really liked slaying with it, did it for the exp) and buy barrages for 99 - 16K of em (around 30M). Yes 14Cookie14, thats right, I forfeit. You win ;). Last weekend I did a DK trip in between fiends, to get some of the worst boredom out (managed 1k crimsons that day tho) and got 2 berserker rings: The Summoning levels: Funny thing though, one day after I got 138 and I've had like 20 people follow me saying "omg", "Nice cmb" and the likes. I didnt have that once at 137. And before you ask - YES, YAK DOES O W N! I did a solo hybrid trip (no drops - had to cut it a bit short at 51 kills, mage teled with 2 hp left because guthans didn't heal) and a solo mage trip with ^*>95<*^ kills - NO healing familiars or guthans or anything! I profitted 1M of the bones and hides I banked, along with getting my first solo mage trip with 3 items - a full rex set: = ~1.5M profit a hour with drops. 300K without (solo hybrid that is. Didn't time without items @ mage). Also, got 50K slayer exp from dagannoth kings today (yes, I had a dagg task). Went to duradel to try and get a kalphite task for solo KQ, but ended up changing a bloodveld into 185 daggs... Guess I'll try and get all the hybrid drops tomorrow :)! (For those wondering, I will link slayer to most of my solos... Dagganoths = DKS, Kalphites = KQ, Spiritual mages = Zilyana, Lesser demons = K'ril). Also, please go check the first page, I updated my goals there and put in my solo drop logs. Note: I decided to remove my drop gallery from the first page as it made people VERY laggy. Sorry guys.
  12. First I got 99 farm, 28th last month: Then 99 Slayer 13th Aug: And yesterday, I finally managed 96 Summoning and 138 Combat: Tested the yak out at dks today, it works great, droplog + pictures from my solo mage trip: 1: Steel kite. 2: Dragonstone. 3: Coins. 4: Bass. 5: Grimy Ranarr. 6: Grimy Ranarr. 7: Nothing. 8: Mithril Warhammer. 9: Mithril Pickaxe. 10: Swordfish. 11: Bass. 12: Mithril ore. 13: Coins. 14: Coins. (3K two times in a row). 15: Steel Kite. 16: Bass. 17: Steel Kite. 18: Antifire Potion. 19: Mithril Warhammer. 20: Adamant Platebody. 21: Mithril Warhammer. 22: @@@@@Dragon [email protected]@@@@ 23: Uncut Sapphire. 24: Rockshell Legs. 25: Fremmenik Helm. 26: Adamant Platebody. 27: Steel Kiteshield. 28: Coins. 29: Mithril Warhammer. 30: Steel Kiteshield. 31: Restore Potion. 32: Adamant Axe. 33: Body Tally. 34: Steel Bar. 35: Adamant Axe. 36: Mithril Ore. 37: Coins. 38: Grimy Ranarr. 39: Rockshell Legs. 40: Nothing. 41: Swordfish. 42: Coal. 43: Steel Kiteshield. 44: Adamant Axe. 45: Steel Platebody. 46: Mithril Ore. 47: Adamant Axe. 48: Super Attack. 49: Adamant Axe. 50: Adamant Axe. 51: Bass. 52: Grimy Ranarr. 53: Coins. 54: Nothing. 55: Bass. 56: Loop Half Key. 57: Mithril Ore. 58: Coins. 59: Mithril Pickaxe. 60: Mithril Ore. 61: Steel Kite. 62: Mithril Ore. 63: Grimy Ranarr. 64: Coins. 65: Steel Kite. 66: Coins. 67: Mithril Pickaxe. 68: Grimy Ranarr. 69: Rune 2H Sword. 70: Steel Kiteshield. 71: Uncut Sapphire. 72: Uncut Ruby. 73: Uncut Sapphire (Wth?). 74: Bass. (Last yak went Barooo Barooo = Buhbye). 75: Mithril Ore. 76: Air Talisman (-.-). 77: Steel Kiteshield. 78: @@@@@Warrior [email protected]@@@@ 79: Steel Kite. 80: Swordfish. 81: 42 Rune Arrows. 82: Uncut Sapphire. 83: Steel Kiteshield. 84: Mithril Ore. 85: Mithril Warhammer. 86: Bass. 87: @@@@@Berserker [email protected]@@@@ 88: Coins. 89: Ring of Life (got me all going lol). 90: Steel Kite. 91: Steel Kite. 92: Steel Kite. 93: >Forgot< 94: >Forgot< 95: >Forgot< (Note: I didn't forget the 3 last drops, they were somewhere IN the trip and I just didnt get around to put them in it seems, I had 95 bones banked and none when I took off). Good month, hope next one will be just as good :thumbsup:
  13. I really do hate you :o. Thats just too much of the good, thats the bank I want when I'm done with 99 summ/cons/smith =/. However, why yews 81-90 and not magics if youre going pyre 90-99 anyway?
  14. I dont do herb runs, never really got into it actually. The seeds in there are toadflax I collected myself from slayer, they didn't really sell for anything and didnt want to abadon them. As for dragon imps, I've seen 2 in my rs carrieer randomely and one I scouted in PuroPuro. My goal after 99 summoning (fiending atm) will be solo'ing all boss drops and put them on a video (perhaps excluding like, KBD's d med and such), to make the ultimate solo drop vid. So watch out for your title as top 1 gw solo'er =P. I dont think I will ever get RC done, I got 3 skills I really hate getting up - RC, Agility, Mining. Those are the most likely to be my last 3 99's, lol. As for the DFS: All I know is that I put it in my bank a evening, I SAW IT IN THERE!!! And the next morning it was all gone. I checked my GE offers, and I had not sold it, nor was it to find with my item search function. I know I didnt sign on drunk and lost it, because frankly, I have never been drunk. It simply dissappeared, and I know atleast 2 other of my friends who lost it the same way.
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