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  1. Was this ever answered anywhere? I searched but found nothing.
  2. Clans = good Over-zealous mods = bad Too many of the more popular ones have mods that seem to have no reason for being there other than to flex their little internet muscles. I just left one where the mod got into a bit of an argument with someone over typing "omfg" Definitely ridiculous but apparently those are the rules. Not 10 minutes later another mod uses the word "[wagon]" to describe someone who was chatting while a list was being read, and this was somehow perfectly acceptable. HUH? :wall: Point being they become like the middle-school "cliques" for the popular kids and anyone not in is out.
  3. Fixed. This question is closed however. Yep. Got me a gilded altar! But, not to stoke the fire, I can see where one might think the crystal saw doesn't work. There's no wood involved, just cloth, marble, and 4 very expensive leaves. Thanks again for the info peeps!
  4. Yep, as long as it's the gilded set. Sorry...what? The gilded tea set. (AKA the cups from Teak Shelves 2) Ah! The gold/porcelain ones. Ya those are 'dem.
  5. Yep, as long as it's the gilded set. Sorry...what?
  6. SWEET! So I can do gilded Altar at 69! (Crystal Saw + Porcelain cup o' tea = 69+3+3=75) \ Right? :ohnoes:
  7. Do you get the +3 boost for the gilded altar? Or is it only for items that contain wood?
  8. Thanks for the info. I can't do oak doors yet, and honestly making larders, since you have to remove then rebuild...seems like a pain in the butt to do. Meh.
  9. Hey, how much does he buy them for? I'm working my construction up and will soon have a TON of flatpack oak tables. I'm just curious how much. Yes I know I'm not going to make a ton, but it's gotta be more than the 4gp they're (currently) worth. TIA!
  10. I don't think buyers can get negged anymore. Ebay stopped it because too many sellers were abusing the system using it as a bargaining chip. At any rate, offer him the $2 bucks he paid to list the item. You're still breaking the contract as was said, but at least that way no harm, no foul.
  11. Uh dude while are u bumping a old thread? and if u took the time to read my siggy it says 99 attack.... :wall: Uh dude it's barely a month old thread. :roll: Nice way to thank someone for offering help. :thumbdown:
  12. Warped Tortoises (assuming you've done path of glorphie). Not terribly tough, good exp and awesome drops. I'm 500k away from 99, most of my xp since 90 has been on them. Made a ton of cash doing it!
  13. I used mine on runecrafting. Too tedious of a skill so the lamp(s) came in handy.
  14. How can you murder something that is not life? It most certainly does NOT begin at conception. Both the medical and scientific community agree that the actual "life" phase does not begin until somewhere around week 27-28. Only the uber-religious believe life begins at cell division. Meh. Don't like abortions? Don't have one. Meantime keep to your own body.
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