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  1. Maybe she was trying to hit on you. :o My position in all of this is, let the mods be. If you have a vendetta against them, keep it to yourself. You don't need to make other people start to feel the hate against perfectly normal players who believe in morals. :shame: I guess there are three things to not talk about now; religion, politics, and player mods. :roll:
  2. Finally back from vacation, and only three days until school starts! :shock: This obviously means I'll be on a LOT less, so my goals will be going along slower. But hopefully I'll still be able to get them finished by Christmas. Just because I can, I will now tell you what my classes are. [*:3aih9vb4]Period 1 - Algebra II [*:3aih9vb4]Period 2 - U.S. History [*:3aih9vb4]Period 3 - Spanish III [*:3aih9vb4]Period 4 - Desktop Publishing [*:3aih9vb4]Period 5 - Principles of Engineering PLTW (Project lead the way) [*:3aih9vb4]Period 6 - English 10A [*:3aih9vb4]Period 7 - Physics I Now to tell you about my vacation. My mom, sister, my sister's friend and I went to Myrtle Beach for a week. Let me just tell you, 14 hour drives aren't fun. So we split the drive time in half by staying at my aunt's house for a day and then continuing on. When we were about 20 minutes away, it started raining like the Perfect Storm. We literally could not see out the windshield. Luckily it only rained for about five minutes, so we weren't held up for very long. When we got there, we got set up with our beds and bought groceries for the week. Then we slept, which is always fun. The next day was a beach day, since our condo was literally 50 feet from the beach. So we left at about 10 AM and played in the water, then went back for lunch. After lunch, it was back out into the water for another two hours. Afterwards we watched TV and read books. We all ended up pretty cooked from the sun, but it wasn't horribly painful. Wednesday was a lazy day, it was raining much of the day and we were all pretty burnt. This gave us perfect opportunity to drive around and tour the local affairs. My mom's friend told her about a restaurant called [bleep]'s Last Resort. The theme of this place was to be as mean and rude as possible, and they gave you dunce hat-like items which they wrote cruel things on. Mine said "Virgin 4 Life". We returned to our condo well fed and tired, I played my Xbox 360 for an hour-ish and then swam in the pool before retiring to bed. On another note, I finally got to 7,000+ Gamerscore for my XBL Gamertag. That makes me happy. :D Thursday was the day where we got all our activities out of the way, and was our last day at Myrtle Beach. We got up at around 8 AM and got ready for the day. The first activity was to go para sailing. This was very fun, the view of the beach was excellent. After eating a snack and applying more sun-block, we headed out for lunch and to go deep-sea fishing. This was by-far the most fun I had during the entire trip. I caught a couple of sea bass, and got to pet a three-foot long blue shark that someone had caught. I also saw someone catch a 24" King Mackerel. This went from around 12:30-5:00 PM and the boat ride was about 40 minutes one way. I also saw some small jellyfish and dolphins. The next day we got up at 6:00 AM and packed up, then we drove back to my aunt's house. We mostly chilled there and sat around. When we got up the next day, we headed back home. Another fun, seven hour car ride. 8-) ) In the end, we drove approx. 2,000 miles (3,218 kilometers) Well, that was my vacation. To those who read all of it, congratulations. :mrgreen: Oh, and I got 89 fletching.
  3. Like it said on the frontpage, firemaking was my 'soon to be given up goal', and I was right. It's easy totals, so I'll still train it when I'm bored. I'm not gonna go for a 99, just gonna go for total levels. =D>
  4. No lifer :shame: Thanks, Sithlord. :D --------------------------------------------- Ok, been a while since I updated. So here we go... Got members :D Here's some levels I've gotten: 84 Defence (no pic) 82 Strength (no pic) 67 RuneCraft And I got DH Legs from the barrows.
  5. Noooo, now I have no level higher than you. :cry: At least I don't play for 29 hours a day. #-o
  6. That's good in my case, or I'd be looking at another window and forget what I'm doing. (and most likely get auto-logged) :roll: And Sid, I'm going to go to your house and put lead paint and asbestos all over the place, now would you rather have cancer? :pray:
  7. I so owned you with that Rick Roll, but anyways :roll: Crafting is so hawt, buy me 99 crafting plawks? Did I tell you I was a hawt member again? :)
  8. Omg, I actually beat you in a skill :shock: Good luck with studying you.... uhh... what's the word? :ugeek: :D
  9. Ewwwwwww, mining noooob. I prefer to mine with my face. See? :wall: Your way probably is faster, but mine is more enjoyable (to the onlookers)! I don't see you on so much, but that's probably because of me. Have fun, and stop playing CoD on your nooby PS3!!! Buy a 360 so I can 0wnz0rz j00! EDIT: Do you think you could make me a siggy? :D If so, here is your task, and you will be given limited information. Only look if you're willing to do the sig... [hide=The orders] OMG RICK ROLL'D!!!! that's priceless! lol #-o[/hide]
  10. Well, I guess Durael knows who to give nooby Saquahs to. :roll: Have fun killing those... abominations. ;)
  11. Ew, agility is icky. And those poor ferrets... at least you're leaving them alone. ;) Grats on your levels and the 1100 milestone. So hawt =P~
  12. Put me in for one of the inspiring skills :( Like.... firemaking...... :wall:
  13. Yes, Saru has been my friend for a while now. And I will, thank you very much. :evil:
  14. Nomore's a slayer nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooob. (grats) =D>
  15. Jigggggglyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11shift!11122142129!! :twss: :twss: :twss: :twss: LMFAO at those cat pictures! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  16. Oh, I forgot to ask you to add me in my original post. :mrgreen: ~ Gabe93 Walla
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