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  1. Read mah private message sir, you still got members?

  2. Loads of Slayer Pictures now, but it will slow down. :-P Anyways, good luck mate. Doing great so far. :
  3. Onwards to 99. :) So far it has been a very progressive day.
  4. Bumpeh before school. I got 50k experience this morning. :anxious:
  5. Well, I can not say I play 8 hours a day, except maybe on the weekends. But I really enjoy this game, and to be honest, I am not much of a social person. I kind of hate talking around people. Because I really do not follow sports, or play any other games except this. And I keep good grades in school. Frankly, I don't care what people think of me. The way I want to live. And yeah, I do enjoy school. :
  6. Keep up the good work. I too am going for 99 Fishing. :-P But I am fly fishing until 85. And then doing Monkfish from 85-99.
  7. Just keep planting, and running until you get the message's for both. 8-) They will come soon mate.
  8. Wow, you shouldn't have a problem getting 99 Woodcutting, or 99 Crafting either. You must like tanning hides. Well have fun, and I will keep watching your blog. :) Good luck!
  9. Not a big enough man to handle big tasks, I understand. :-$
  10. Oh well. Was a big day, over 100k experience. Off to bed. See you guys tomorrow. :-$
  11. Good job man. I am very proud of you. Now go get my cape. :-s 99/10.
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