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  1. Love how you blacked out his name on highscores but left it in the chat box. Not like it matters all you need to do is look up the rank for one of his levels and find his name. My point - why black out his name. Clearly I've seemed to have missed that..
  2. Me and a buddy found a lingering bot reminiscing on old times.. lol! This was the dead giveaway ..
  3. Excited to see what I come home too in 6 hours, shall be interesting.
  4. Quick and easy, are they good for charms or no?
  5. Hello everyone, I'd like to take this chance to let everyone know not to fall for this one as I did. My account is very secure bank pin, recoveries, email set the whole 9 yards, so I'm not worried recovery is pending as we speak but it did manage to fool me. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS.
  6. For me it's the client crashing whenever I seem to be teleing alot, or running while the map is loading..
  7. Green here :) Managed to pick myself up a red. Hurtin' for cash but nothing a little 10m box's won't fix :)
  8. i don't believe it's yours okay but i'm training on monks at the monastery so can you meet me there? ill trade u dragon battle axes for it?!!?! pull magic lever in edgeville to come into my office. I'm on mai wai! don't kiel me tho I onlee want 2 show u
  9. Bought myself a nifty thing today :) Don't believe that it's mine, request for a trade and I'll show you in person.
  10. Dude, i wish i can become like you one day! What did you stake? like 10m at a time? or what Yeah 5m, and 10m stakes at time, a few 3m ones here and there but the majority would be 5m/10m. Just keep trying pace yourself know when to stop when you've got a losing streak ect, ect, try to switch up attack styles and you'll be ballin' with cash :)
  11. So I Huuurd You Like To Stake!? Started with 31m, now 400m cash pile :) all from boxing.
  12. Bots have continuously been coming and going, more coming than anything really. But nevertheless Jagex supposedly has a new system in effect as we speak. So lets just hope they take a huge chunk down and tackle the coming onslaught of them. Just a little opinion/question: If we really think about it don't bots keep resources at a fluctuating but steady price? So if they do, do a massive ban especially with F-trade tomorrow wouldn't it be a double down on prices because if you really look at it. It has to be at least a week or so before prices finally start to stabilize after Free Trade is released.
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