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  1. always has. I do find it kind of surprising that someone out there didn't notice this. But hey, now you know.
  2. how does the clockwork cat make it not fun for everyone?
  3. you can't change it back so check the knowledge base to see all the colors and take your pick
  4. I am definitely in, I will send it in some time this week. My costume is normal though so I might be kinda boring, just red clothes, my guthix cape and cooking gauntlets. I might add some flare for the pic though.
  5. Stone makes more sense then wooden, good for jagex.
  6. Easy? Maybe. Boring? Hell yes, nothing is more boring then fishing so I feel that it is a fair compromise for it being easy.
  7. I used to craft natures but now that I have 80 cooking and 76 fishing I just fish and sell sharks.
  8. Damn straight, when I first saw there description about the 100th quest and they said stuff about new food I was extremely excited to try out some new stuff... then it comes out and the food is completely worthless. It really seems like jagex wants cooking to be more widely used yet they keep coming out with useless new things to cook. Ok, the main reason (in my mind) why fish are used more is because they only take one bit. Now in my mind it seems kind of unfair that they are easier to get and are more useful as food, also logistically it makes no sense: you eat a whole shark in one bite yet a little cake takes three? Complete bull. Now I love everything you are talking about guy who made this topic (can't remember your name) but just as an alternate suggestion: maybe jagex could make fish multi-bite and make all baked goods single bite, it wouldn't be as interesting and still has the side effect of pissing off al fisherman, but just another idea.
  9. I just realised a problem, what will fishing be good for if other food becomes more standard? All fishing is good for is supplying food to cook. So then we have all the people who fish and sell their raw fish complaining that their high fishing level is now worthless.
  10. Raising the max exp is bad, and raising the money cap is pointless. Why do people really need more money? If I had that much I would go around and give random people 1 mil each, seriously, there is no way you would ever use that much. that aside I think your idea is good, except that scamming will shoot up as people who don't understand the situation (as you said it is complicated and would take awhile to get used to) spend way too much on things.
  11. Not only are rs relationships disgusting in the obvious way but they also disilliousion people about real relationships. The best way to show that you care about a girl is not to give her immense amounts of gifts, that makes her a prostitute, not your girlfriend.
  12. How about this: it gets treated somehing like smithing in that every level you get the ability to use more ingredients until at 99 when you can use every ingredient in the game, while at level one you could only use like cabbage and beef.
  13. The stir-fry is a great idea, just as an example my parents cooked a stir-fry last night and it had in it: apple, tofu, sausage, and broccoli. That is variety. They should definitely add tofu if the stir fry gets added. Tofu has this wonderful quality of tasting like what it is cooked with making it a great addition to any stir fry. So it should amplify the main ingredient to things when added. Jagex keeps trying to make baked goods more used, adding more of them, making them give more and more exp. But they keep making the same mistake, they are all way too hard to make, while fishing stays just as easy. What they should do is make a store that sells all the raw ingredients for cooking in large amounts. The only reason I don't spend my time making pineapple pizza is because cheese and tomatos are insanely hard to get, the only store that sells them only stocks 5 and recharges really slow, it really sickens me that they cannot see that problem.
  14. I love the idea of new and better cookable stuff, my favorite skill is cooking, but the only way to make good money with it is through fishing (and I hate fishing) so I would love to see a new baked good (because baking is a lot of fun in my opinion) that sells better then sharks.
  15. It was pretty hard to find the the bunny, but he was there for 2 weeks, you had plenty of time to find him (he was right next to the air altar). The price would constantly go up as with all rares, right now they would be worth very little but by this time next year they could easily break 1 mil. Like bunny ears and the scyth, those are pretty rare, even though you can get a new one if you lose yours.
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