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  1. Bill Nye, Magic School Bus, National Geographic. :oops: I like South Park, Chappelle's Show, and Standup Comedy now though. 8)
  2. Lmao @ the gateway drug comment! Good one.
  3. We had a kid bring a gun to school to "show it off." The kids he showed it to on the bus got scared and told on him. Bye, bye to that [bleep]get. Now he's permanently in an alternative school.
  4. One night in Paris. *drool* :P
  5. 6.30 Wake up 7.30 Leave for school 7.45 Arrive at school 7.45-8.30 Hang out with friends, finish homework 8.45 School starts 3.00 Ride bus from freshman center to high school 3.05 Start Wrestling practice 6.00-6.30 Practice Ends 6.45 Get Home
  6. Game: Tibia Pros: Free PvP Servers Very Fun Combat System Cons: Characters only allowed on server they are created on Macroing is rampant Items off your kill can be stolen instantly by someone else Many Brazilians
  7. I have a neighbor whose father plays video games all the time and it has caused them to nearly lose their home several times. He misses work often because he forgets to go and he falls asleep in his chair while playing his games late into the night. It is very sad. That being said, good job n0va. We are proud to have you here on Tip.it.
  8. Kind of sad that 40 yr olds are dying from playing video games 24/7 and then their online buddies are holding funerals. It doesnt seem real that they are dead when its online you know?
  9. He believes in scientology if no one caught on to that. He is in his mid-60s anyways and he has made his fortune. Maybe he was just looking for an excuse to retire. Anyways gonna be hard to replace Chef. :x
  10. Lol Neopets. Yeah anyways man, GO FOR IT. SHE HAS HINTED IT TO YOU! If she is your friend she won't be mean on turning you down at least. No one will remember in a week if she does anyways!
  11. We have horrible censoring software too. Practically impossible to use that crap because just about everything is blocked but porn and teletubbies. Hmm which of the two types should I pick?
  12. Game Informer's April Issue had a little article... I would scan it but I don't know if that's legal lol. So I'll just type it. BTW It's called Top Ten Games You've Never Heard of 1)Soldat (soldat.pl) 2)Facade(interactivestory.net) 3)Ocular Ink(pistachioproductions.com) 4)Runescape 5)Narbacular Drop(nuclearmonkeysoftware.com) 6)Cloud(thatcloudgame.com) 7)N(harveycartel.org/metanet) 8)Street Bike Fury(S64games.com) 9)Epoch Star(epochstar.com) 10)Stinkoman 20X6(homestarrunner.com/games) Once again I'll say Tibia because I had an enjoyable two or three months playing it although there are a TON of brazilions who sometimes team up together and share accounts.
  13. I broke my arm playing football and had to have surgery. After surgery they put me in a temporary softcast until the swelling went down. I only had the softcast for three days in which I played football with my buds without gear. I got my hardcast then after six weeks got that off and got rexrayed. Turns out it had healed with one of the bones straight and the other not. Oop. Doctor said it would be alright and would straighten out in a year or two as I grew anyways. Whew.
  14. Why do black people have nightmares? Because the last time one had a dream he got shot. (Martin Luther King Jr.) :(
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