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  1. This is a rough draft for my high school ED/COMM newspaper, so don't chastise me for using "I." :) News source (BBC good enough? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/7112929.stm) ------------------------------------------------------------------- If I were to become rant-y and crabby about every single minute detail of my life that was out of line, how will I be labelled in school? Poked fun of just to set me off: definitely, fully alienated: maybe, and being called an obsessive compulsive idiot who should be better off for everyone by not coming to school? More than likely. Which brings me to a report of an elementary schoolteacher in Sudan, Gillian Gibbons, who was arrested and subsequently interrogated in late November by the complaint of parents forÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Ã
  2. It's a pixelated dog. Kids can shoo dogs all they want in Runescape, but they know that if they do it in real life to a stray dog, they'll probably contract rabies.
  3. I totally thought a bronze full helm was better than an iron medium.
  4. Sometimes I would meet Syzygy when I'm either woodcutting in Edgeville or near Melzar's Maze. He talks.
  5. Yes. Because now more than two people can actually engage in private conversations. (I don't care about clans anyway)
  6. This topic is about real-life friends. BTW, do not share accounts with anyone else, even your parents, because you never know if they will scam you and get you banned.
  7. So one of my accounts got banned...no biggie, it was one of our failed low-level pk accounts. But the appeal process was just funny. First offense: July 2 (2.5 black marks)--this one's actually my fault--hehe. :XD: Then came the second offense, which was another rule 1 breakage. This time, I got 12.5 black marks on myself now. I appealed. And then they presented me with the damning evidence! Oh no...I'm cornered now! So now my noob character is permanently banned. The appeals process was funnier than anything else though.
  8. I've been playing F2P for two years, and I've never had a problem with my bank space. To begin, one way to conserve your space is to throw out all of your random event costumes. Frankly, they are useless (especially now since level 3 autoers are wearing Lederhosens now)
  9. ...A whole bunch of people decided to constantly refresh the pages of a forum? I don't mean fresh every 10 minutes, I mean refresh every 5 seconds or so. Here's a scenario: 50 Tip.It forumers were tracking a certain thread, and instead of letting the system notifying them through PM or E-Mail, they decided to employ a program that refreshes the site every 3 seconds looking for a new post. How will this affect the Tip.It servers? And approximately how much more does Tip.It need to pay for those bandwidth leeched?
  10. Did you count the bots in member servers too? Or did you assume they magically hacked Runescape?
  11. By the way, if you put a large amount of cash into the party chest, does it come out in a full pile when you pull the lever, or does it split into smaller lumps?
  12. What's the difference between latinoking and you? He explicitly stated that he's P2P, and in his last post, clearly looks down on F2Pers as some sort of lower caste of people. lern2spell Nazi Germany enforces outright discrimination, that's a little different from elitism, since elitism is only social discrimination. BTW, why would I flame you for being racist? EDIT: my contributions:
  13. I hated imp catcher for F2P, because those little buggers kept teleporting.
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