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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Hit them deep ATG squats 275X6 which was surprisingly easier than 225...
  3. This is relevant to my interests
  4. This seems pretty interesting, might try it with my own challenges
  5. This is a guy I used to work with. Thus, he is the anti-poon.
  6. vivimancer, maybe he just pked a noob lol
  7. You have to look at it this way also, with top 10k or 30k. Those same 10k people would be on there for all time if they continued to train. With top 2m there is room to improve, and it's not like the hiscores are used for bragging rights anyway, just for signatures and stat lookups. If anything should be implemented it should be a RM type of list, which shows who grinded the most in a day, week period, month period.
  8. That is I am waiting for as well! After reading that BTS from so long ago, I really want that soon. Even if it was just like Temple Trekking except you have to fight a couple strong monsters on each map would be cool.
  9. So is this a suggestion, or a speculation? Or a guess at the future?
  10. Very cool, love the "hundred of hours of gameplay." Little do they know that those 100 hours will be involuntary #-o . Just playing, but seriously, hundreds of hours to fight in those boss battles they previewed haha.
  11. why not pineapple rings :ugeek: :wall: Why rings? do you get more or something?
  12. Am I just really lucky? I have experience no lag at all, just the first time I opened my bank I had to take a mere second to scroll down and load up all my junk. One thing I don't like is items near a light basically turn white. It's nothing serious, but it seems like every charm drop I get is white haha!
  13. Grrrr I was just about to post that...combat bracelet ftw!
  14. I want to join in the fun...but I need to save my money for the full version. D: Well the full game is tops $60, and is coming out roughly this September, so really it's not that bad of a deal. If you can't make $60 in...2 months you need to get a lawn mower and cut grass haha.
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