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  1. Every now and then, about once every 50 or so videos, I will find Opera unable to display the movies properly. The movies will often stop at random points (red arrow added) and the two menu boxes that usualy apear after the movie is over start flickering rapidly (blue boxes added). Anyone know what's wrong? The movies play fine when I switch to firefox however.
  2. Windows > Start > Control panel > Accessibility options > Accessibility options > Mouse > Use mousekeys (on) Try using the Numpad to draw the lines, if it doesn't work press Num Lock
  3. Has anyone been sucessful at downloading it? The [Caution: ExecutableFile] doesn't seem to work.
  4. I don't see anyone claiming anything about Firefox's speed in this topic actually. While howtocreate.co.uk/browserSpeed.html seems to be based on some vague research and fact, firefoxmyths.com is complete and utter bull. Notice the people who make comments such as this usualy have an avatar displaying this. The viewpoints from people like this are heavily biased and should not be trusted. My unbiased view is FAR superior to that of any Firefox fanatic's.
  5. Opera has had all of these features for years now. It never became popular however because the first versions contained advertisements, these are now gone. Firefox also had the huge spread firefox campain. One large probem with Opera right now is that some plugins like shockwave dont work in it so you still need other browsers. I use IE7 to update my computer. O9 to view most web pages. FF2 to view anything that does not work with Opera.
  6. Runescape was a great game but I have 3 complaints. 1 Insainly high skill levels are required for anything entertaining. Most of my gametime went to raising skills rather than teamwork. 2. The world is too condinced. It would be nice if they made the towns farther apart so you dont feel like your walking on 100 other players. 3. Improve movement control. Tile based terrain is completly fine. Add more waypoints than just 1 each tile however. Runescape also has quite a few good aspects. 1. The art is wonderful, only a few objects like sinks need improvement and seem out of place. 2. Content is updated every 2 weeks about, this is probly faster than any other MMORPG. 3. Great story lines. I have found atleast 5 difrent creative story lines each one is quite entreging. 4. This game is probobly the easiest game to hop in and play. You can make an acount and land in Lumbrage within 20 minutes of play. 6 hours to become a member. You can log in from nearly any computer that has Java in under 5 minutes.
  7. I will give it to Sony for making some perty creative, supperbowlish commercials. They have also make some bad ones
  8. This is how your Universe would work (First Programmer, an infinite number of Universes each with a programmer, Us, Another infinite number of Universes.) This structure would form an infinitely long chain extending vertically. Each Universe will put strain on those above it. Say that each simulation was perfect and running at 100% efficiency and the initial simulation had infinite resources. After dividing its resources by an infinite you would only have enough resources to just barely run them. If even one simulation had a small flaw and consumed more than its share of resources then the chain would crash. To make it work. The First Programmer would need to write a 100% efficient simulation running of a computer with an infinite resources The first computer and simulation would need to last long enough for an infinite number of simulations to create another (at least 10 billion years from the age of our Universe) Every simulation below the first would need to make an identical copy of the first in order to continue the process. The odds of all of this happening is about 1/Infinite and math usually simplifies this to 0. *Silently thinks to himself that none who is sane will be able to understand the gibberish I wrote*
  9. Flying Spaghetti Monster Chaos Elemental Coinsidence? I THINK NOT! I believe that a god as powerful as the Flying Spaghetti Monster has the power to predict the future.
  10. For some unknown reasion the RIAA believes that cheapskates like me will buy their songs if I couldn't download it. Wierd Al's "Don't Download This Song"
  11. Women in those advertisements give creep me out, they look far too stern and robotic that I dont see any life. I once saw a picture of some actress with anorexia showing the area on her side and nearly every single rib was showing *PUKE*.
  12. About 1 week ago, I finaly got my computer to work and instaled xp for the googolth time. Yesterday, after installing Firefox on the computer the image started freasing. First the windows, then mouse, and finaly a small section of the screen was tiled all acrosed it. It looked like this After the wierd screen, I rebooted the computer and found it would not go past the windows boot screen before it would reboot again. http://www.theeldergeek.com/images/XP%2 ... hic/OO.gif XP SP2 fully updated and the motherboard's drivers had been installed. Also this is very simiular to the error that I encounterd last time it was crashing. I am using a Gigabyte S series motherboard with internal Geforce6100 Videocard and AMD64 Athlon processor.
  13. I would ask for the history of the Universe. This will tell me everything I would want to know including the god question.
  14. Dont you kindof need that staff to alch? Staffs only give the unlimited runes when you are wielding it, not when it is hiding in your pack.
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