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  1. I'm gonna have to argue with your theory that Tip.It has gotten more mature. The levels of grammar, punctuation, and post construction have dropped through the floor. OT: Runescape forums now does have alot of more mature players, but from What I've seen, it consists of wanna-be mods directing the less literate players on why they shouldn't be posting *insert random topic here*. There has been a steady downcrease and I've seen no difference at all.
  2. If Unicorn Riding became a skill, I would no life to 99. Seriously though, sailing is an amazing idea. Think about it, it would be alot more then the click-and-afk skills that we have now, or ones that take absolutely no effort . It would be such an expansive thing, because it would be a skill that branched out to almost every skill you have already(maybe not summoning). If the sailing skill became a reality, you could voyage out to see and fish from your ship. Maybe even some new fish to be found. You could find new lands and get access to new(or existing) resources! More creatures to hunt, more trees to cut, more fish to...well fish and cook. More ores to mine and smith, and more poh portals to be found. There would be more monsters to fight, more quest expansion(sooner or later the map of Runescape will be a bunch of quest symbols), entirely new things to do. It would not only be a new skill, but one that could benifit you in so many ways that it's not even funny! It would be fun as well, considering it's a mixup to for the current things we have now. If you don't think sailing is a good idea now, it is your choice. But I will say that it is being a bit narrow minded, because this skill has so many possibilities if you just open your eyes(and ears to comments). That is of course if it is real ;)
  3. Ahh the hilarity. 20 bucks says this thread gets a (close) on the title and is replaced by yet another poorly thought out suggestion in the next two days. Cause that's how Sirhemen rolls. The idea of an adult only server has been shot down a long time ago, and Jagex has said it's never coming out (Look on the "do not suggest" list) The beauty of what Tip.It forums has become, where a person can't make a suggestion without the whole community shooting them down. Truely Marvelous. Although this idea probably won't be implemented, it is an ok one, but seeing as the Internet is a web of lies, every 12 year old in the game will just say their 18...
  4. Nope, not a glitch. Half of my full friendlist bought a top hat, because everyone realized how low they went from the 5m and are buying them back up now. It's not a glitch
  5. Hey great issue Skill :D Sorry about my absense, i've been sick and today my internet took a dump :( But now I'm back and ready to continue working :D
  6. To Book and firsttsurugi, Why is it nessecary to come here and point out that we, MUCH like you, missed a few issues during the Holiday break. Why does it matter if we post on the same date, either? Why does it matter weather we post on Saturday, Sunday... And we "suddenly" pop up, meaning that we have an issue put together and we would like to put it out. While I still don't understand the source of your argument, I would really appreciate it if you could do it over pm or Irc chat. On topic: I invite everyone to join our site, we have a built in Irc and everything! :D
  7. Amazing new issue, I welcome everyone to join the site, We put alot of work into it!
  8. Thank you! And you too, Ratchet :wink: Btw, Skill, the title to Chapter 3 was lost in translation apparently :-k *cough*your-signature-advertises-what's-not-even-out-yet :P*/cough*. Oh well, maybe it'll arose some questions :o. Go Brandon for making Low res userbars to early? :lol: Anyways, Staff spots are going fast. Make your applications now, it's not too late to get int!
  9. Nice stereotype? Honestly, it gets annoying seeing half of the community say how every pure around the block is immature. Your missing the good side of pures by a longshot. On topic: I thought this at first, but I seriously doubt this will happen. It's just a bunch of money loss anyways.
  10. Sorry unor :( Regardless of the fighting, we have a new staff member! I would like to welcome Ratchet573 to the Project Onyx Crew! He'll be coming out with some literature on our next issue hopefully. Spots are going fast, apply now and get in on something good =D>
  11. Unorclan, you know another saying I know? It's not nescessary to make a post on everything we make. Honestly, it just get's annoying to see how many timese you can correct our..."gramatical errors." I mean, everything you write is perfect? No. Please, don't come on our topic and post to say that we made an error in this or that. Anyways, send in applications guys! Project Onyx is looking for some great new staff additions!
  12. I invite you to join OnyxIrc, read the directions up there Also, great issue Skill, were gonna blow some people away over the next few weeks, with our newest "additions" to Project Onyx
  13. Cusco! :P Long time no talk :lol: I remember when I was higher combat then you... You were 78 and I was 80, and you got that 85 mining in like 3 weeks. Now look at you stats... *jelously* On irc.tip.it #projectonyx Youl'l find me :thumbsup: Add me ingame :mrgreen:
  14. When OOc got 2m kahbahgee: Fuh Lah Xee? :-k
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