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  1. In The Netherlands, soccer is very popular. My parents wont let me become part of a soccer club though -.- I like to play it in the park and i got this ball: I bought it for 15 Euro's.
  2. RHCP - Venice queen a minute before i listened to RHCP - On mercury :XD:
  3. 5/10 the guy kinda scares me out :shock:
  4. True TPUM likes pie :thumbsup:
  5. looting iron meds from guards in falador and sell them in general store :thumbsup:
  6. WiEts0


    I will pray for you steve! You can do it!
  7. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: We'v lost :cry: :cry: :cry: We just didnt had luck.... :shame: :|
  8. lol 45 views... only gold posted something! Plz post O:) \
  9. I made the background, my brother made the render. I'v got the render from google :P thanks for the comment :D
  10. Plz post C/C and tips and rate me :pray: Im Mod on Woopis forum, My account nam is mod wietse.
  11. The Netherlands will own tonight!!! Off Topic: Ianbur, Congratulations, you'v got 750 posts! =D> \
  12. http://youtube.com/watch?v=VlGHw4S7IMc& ... si%20elbow Moron was smiling right after too. Some of my Italian friends are so freakin angry about this game :lol: yeah what a freaking idiot #-o glad he got a red card the freaking moron +1
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