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  1. Masuma


    I can't believe it's come down to this. Well, here's the last update we'll ever get... -masuma
  2. Masuma


    That's not his MySpace. -masuma
  3. Masuma


    I checked my email this morning and this is what I found. It's probably going to be the last thing we hear...
  4. I've geometrically trisected and angle via folding... does that count? -masuma
  5. Highscore are meant to be a sort of achievement for people, so naturally you should have to have a relatively high level to get in. A skill of thirty is a bit too low of a requirement, so I think that the strength requirement of having a level in the upper fifties is more suitable. The highscores table is meant to be a list of the higher scorers in RuneScape, not a catalouge of every RuneScape player. -masuma
  6. I've played for about 5 or so years. -masuma
  7. How many autoers do you think can get a 99 skill with out getting caught? -masuma
  8. Masuma


    Sorry for the lack of news guys, but there hasn't been any. I emailed Steven's family again a month or so ago and I am still awaiting a response. -masuma
  9. Oh man, I didn't realize NAD was this soon. It's coming up fast! -masuma
  10. Masuma


    My school does some weird thing where they weight honors and AP class so that an A is a 5.0, a B is a 4.0, ect. My freshman GPA was a 4.5something when it was weighted. Unweighted, it was a 4.0. -masuma
  11. I have a six gigabyte iPod mini; it's pretty spiffy. -masuma
  12. I've been in a maze and in a Drill Demon random event with another person before. -masuma
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