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  1. Ah, I thought it started at 10AM on Friday... Carry on, nothing to see here!
  2. So I have a question... I'm a member and it's after July 6th, and it's a weekend... Why am I unable to access the beta atm?
  3. Combat is gonna suck HARD on a laggy server though. And random FPS drops will spell death at bosses
  4. to those of you not at work - how's the fight? Is it the sort of thing where I could walk in there and understand what I should be doing immediately, or is there some nuances to watch out for?
  5. Worse than Pernix from what I can tell. I'm fine with an armor that's not as good a Pernix, so long as it is comparable/slightly better than Arma.
  6. Maaaaaaaaan I hate that I'm in the middle of a project at work atm.... I guess I'll have to find some time tomorrow or my day off to stomp the QBD
  7. It's times like this that I'm very glad that I've put off questing for so long haha.
  8. i dont bring 1-click tele to dks cause a misclick can ruin ur trip. I just put my one-click tele in a corner of my inv and organize so that things that I don't click often are around it. Haven't had any problems so far with it =D
  9. my biggest frustration with the FPS drop is that I can run SWTOR on all high settings with AA and maintain a solid 45-50FPS, and yet in RS I'm lucky to break 25. There is something incredibly borked in the RS engine.
  10. I'm surprised that a weapon that requires 80 slayer and 85 attack to use is inferior to the rapier to be honest. 80 dg takes a week with dgs or (lord help you) 2 weeks with w117, it's not exactly a long skill to train. Slayer on the other hand, usually is at least a few days between levels if you're not nolifing it. Also, 85 attack is well, higher than 80 attack. I was just under the impression that more rigorous stats to wield inherently meant a better weapon. I guess I'll look forward to the lv90 tier of gear being worse than chaotics then.
  11. No step above prossy armor?? =( Drat.
  12. Although hasn't Jagex nerfed the drop rate of boss-monster drops for a week or two at a time? Specifically after the ROW hurp-durp by jamflex?
  13. Well, how often does jagex release an update that doesn't cause a major bug? About half the time? That's a terrible track record for a "major" games development company and makes massive skepticism reasonable
  14. Are we supposed to get any bonus points for the introduction of the program? It seems kinda pointless to have a sale if I can only buy one thing...
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