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  1. Seems like a good month... I'm just worried about item lending, if Santas will crash :ohnoes: Maybe people will decide they look good and they'll go up :shock: Any advice? Lol.
  2. Can I be added? :o Leapfrog229 : F2p
  3. Just got 15m wc exp : it's been a goal of mine for awhile now. Rate/Hate. Sure, it's an "easy" skill, but its all f2p and it took me awhile. Can rate my stats as well if you'd want, I think they're all mainly visible.
  4. I'm bored. I've tried taking a break, training my favorite skill, just hanging with friends. Nothing helps. I'd rather be doing something in game than looking at a blank wall in real life (winter break is boring). Yes, I'm f2p. Any ideas on what to do? I want serious ideas, not stuff like "get members har har" because if i wanted members I would have gotten it awhile ago. Also, I don't want "quit." because I've basically done that right now, and I need something to play when my computer is making the other game I play lag. I think what I need is a social skill, is lobster fishing decent at all now that macros are gone?
  5. I was wondering why it said this too. I'm sure I've spent more than 100 hours as ftp... :-s Same here (much more :uhh: ) but to whoever said 100 hours+ is pointless grinding, I disagree, but whatever. I don't feel like I have ever grinded except maybe from 96-98 woodcutting. The rest of it is pure fun to me.
  6. I didn't get this, but I'm pretty sure I've gotten something just like it before. The fake security thing? Best way to get rid of it is system restore. If you don't have a system restore date, I reccomend it greatly. When I got it, it wasn't dirty sites that came up, it was fake security things. The McAfee Site Advisor thing helped me get rid of it too, it directed me to a site where you can download something that is specifically designed to clean the virus from your computer. This one seems a little less extreme, mine was crazy... Pain in the butt to get rid of, McAfee Security Center (other than site advisor) failed me miserably, it couldn't delete the file. I freaked tbh. Good luck getting rid of it, I have pop-up blocker now \
  7. With 65 range and 71 defense like it says in your siggy, I'd say you can fairly easily do ice giants. I assume you know where they are, the cave with the blurite. There's a guide in the AOW as to why they're the best and there is a good safespot for range behind some rocks in the corner (fairly easy to find, if you have questions just ask). Otherwise just do moss giants on crandor or, if you don't mind competition, Varrock sewers. Good luck.
  8. The spam was awful in there today, most likely just a mod trying to kick one of the many spammers and accidentally got you instead. Some people think they're funny by making 10 accounts and spamming the chat then leaving before they can get kicked, coming back in 2 minutes and repeating. I'm sure it's a huge stress on the mods, and I honestly hope it's not a real tif'er who is doing it. Seriously, just stop. If that wasn't the case, try talking to the mods, most of them have their chat on. They were just on the lookout for new people who could be spam accounts and may have made a mistake.
  9. at a decent level you could outmine most people True, but most people know about Varrock east, so there are other miners with a decent level. I'm not talking about the steel pick miners. Have you ever mined there? Usually there's a miner with 50-60 mining with rune pick taking the two rocks (where they don't have to move), and the smart high level miner would instead take the three at the top. Therefore, the other miner often gets the rock that overlaps, and you have to click a lot more using this method, so it can just be easier to mine at Varrock west. Just pointing that out, I still think Varrock east is better. Good Luck.
  10. Woodcutting because it rocks! Nah, actually because it's easy to be social while cutting (don't need to pay attention). I love social skills.
  11. Total level: 1006 Total exp: 23,642,819 Not bad, 8th in exp for my level.
  12. Also a great way to waste a tonnnn of money. Yeah, go bronze or iron. And I've always liked lessers, but meh, probably because I'd rather not click every 10 seconds. Just try stuff out, see what you like best, and stick with it. Good luck!
  13. If you're a non-member, Southeast varrock is best, but gets crowded at times. It says preferably f2p... well if you are a member, I'm sure the crowd wouldn't be an issue, but if you're f2p and SE varrock is crowded, try southwest varrock. Only two rocks, but similar banking time and much more peaceful in my opinion.
  14. Very nice guide, I think a lot of it is true and helps a lot. I have yet to try watching movies, but I bet it's really good with cooking (my current goal). Not so sure about the whole "don't take a break to try some new update or it'll mess you up" thing, because one of those breaks are great to me, but that's just my personal opinion. Probably different for members too since they get one all the time. Typo?: you mean rl? That's what I assumed, since rs and runescape are the same :XD: 10/10 =D>
  15. Fast and Affordable? Well, if you don't mind being called a noob: Fletching - Dunno prices, but I know its easy and you're close. Cooking - Raw lobs 250 ea and can be sold around that. Sharks you'd have to ask a member. or, longer, but less nooby in my opinion: Firemaking - Willows are what.. 20 each? Takes like 150k of them for 99. Thieving? I'm not a member, but I've heard its fast exp. Hunter? Again, not a member, but I know you make like 30m doing chins, and it can be done in less than 2 months. Hope this helps. My prices may be wrong as well.
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