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  1. which monster that I can easily solo repeatedly would be the most likely to drop a half of a dragon square? my stats are thus: 81 attack 82 strength 73 def (almost 74) 73 range 76 mage 60 prayer also i only have 59 slayer (should b 60 soon) are elves any good? there is that altar in lleyta that i can go to so I wouldn't need any food and I could theoretically stay there forever......
  2. can u put coal in the blast furnace, then go to bank and get more, then put more in, or do you have to stay in the room the whole time. I know if you log out you lose all the ore uve put in
  3. that worked thx. Any idea whats going on?
  4. I can't log in for some reason. I've tried several different worlds. It keeps giving me this message: Unable to Log In. Login Server Offline. Any thoughts?
  5. also there are genie lamps.... there are lamps from quests that give 20k xp each... a few of those on a lvl 3 gives 53 slayer w/o any combat...
  6. are red chinchompas good? what would be an estimated max-hit with 1 with 75 range? Also, what are their speed? I was thinking about doing fight caves the range way (no guthans) and using prolly a few thousand red chinchompas, but I wanna know if I should just use a mag short w/ like 2k rune arrows w/ accumulator instead (price is not an obstacle)
  7. what was the name from? can you be more specific? maybe you should design him around the name. If he was a warrior, make him a warrior. If he was a craftsman, make him a craftsman.
  8. hmm... well lets see... in rs2 there has been: 2 santas lost to dc'ing while fighting monsters that don't hit more than 3 on me, but hit on a regular basis, 1 blue mask and 1 santa lost to hacker (not really luck i suppose) rsc: doing barbarian agil course in my friend's phat, falling into pit and dying, and there wasn't a ladder for him to go down to get it (they hadn't made the ladder yet :( ) luckily he wasn't all that mad at me, considering he had another 2 (YES 2!) sets back in the bank (I was mad cause he was gunna let me keep it if I beet him to 40 agil lol) im sure i have more but im A.D.D. right now and dont feel like thinking
  9. well it'd help to know what armor you had as options, and what you define as "good drops" I like ogres under the chaos druids area. They aggro, drop big bones, are REALLY easy, and you can just theive a blood rune when they stop aggroing then run back and they aggro again. They also drop good seeds. lessers are good too
  10. whatever---all i know is my friend's uncle is in jail cause of trying to hack into some company's server and stealing some info. It doesnt matter anyhow... whats done is done, I can't change the past
  11. uh.... merchant runes? go to mage guild buy nats for about 200 each, sell world 2 for 320 each?
  12. um im not exactly sure whether you want emotional or monetery help. Just know this: ive lost 3 santa hats and a blue mask over my course of playing--2 santas to bad internet connection, 1 santa+blue mask to a hacker. just remember life goes on. I hav since regained that blue mask, but I'm going to sell it soon. My view on play is this: people can always steal your items, but the only way to steal your stats is to take your acct, which if they do that, you might as well stop playing right then. If they steal your items, you can keep playing. Sell anything valuable that doesnt help you with skills in some way and invest that money into the skills. You can have all the money in the world, but its meaningless unless you have the skills to back it up. Ever see those lvl 3s with phats? yes they have a phat, thats great, but what does it do for them? nothing! you get your 15 seconds of fun with it walking around, then you realise "shoot.... i can't actually do anything.... just walking around with this rare isn't as fun as i thought it'd b...." just invest in skills-thats the way to go (with the 18 mil for the santa you could hav gotten really high mage, possibly 99 cooking, or 99 fm+gotten another skill really high)
  13. well if you're f2p then those are 2 good options.... you don't get much xp is the problem and you spend about half your time trying to sell the bars you just made if you're p2p then make steel bars, then make cannon balls from the steel bars and sell those. also, at 86 smithing you will make a profit by smithing then selling rune hatchets and addy pl8s :)
  14. it works on any ranged weapon that drops onto the ground after you use it (I'm not sure about obby rings....)---not just iron and steel. They will only SPAWN iron or steel ranged items into your inventory as you walk around.
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