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  1. Noob stone: So this isn't varrock after all... I know when i joined the first thing i had organised to do was meet a friend in Varrock, which he said was north. So I being a slow 11 year old, kept walking north until i was in a dark place (the wilderness) when someone came up and wacked me and the next thing i know, i was in lumbridge.
  2. ive had my rs acount since rsc, and whenever I take a break from it, i always came back. Now however, I believe Jagex has gone too far, and they should be cracking down more on the macros instead. I purchased a 12 month membership in July, sadly, and now I have 6 months left that I don't think im going to enjoy due to the increasing number of bots, as well as the increased risk of being banned accidentally, just because someone offers above the top price during merchanting. It is sad that it has come to this, but there isn't really any other way i guess to stop the gold farmers. Now if the estimated 19% of players leave because of these updates, they should mainly be high level characters, or people who have been playing it for a while and grown used to the old ways. Now however, RS will be full of noobs. bukka626
  3. lol, this is probably a bit out of date, but do you mean the puzzle boxes from the Odd Old Man?
  4. Hi I am wondering what is the easiest/the most fun skill cape to get, that also is not extravagantly expensive, as in, more than 7 million gp to "buy" or so. thanks bukka626
  5. I got a lesser demon one after about 400 kills.
  6. I use tip.it for everything besides item prices, I am very pleased with how fast the quest guides are always uploaded, I use them every time. However, due to the lack of some items in the item database and the lack of a market price estimate, I would have to give it 80%.
  7. runehq has one under "skill calculators" hope it helps
  8. Yeah great guide, now all someone needs to do is make a bot/autoer to pick them!
  9. Hi, I was wondering how you make teletabs, do you just bring the runes to a POH alter? or do you need another item as well eg. steel bar, oak plank etc.? and do you make more than one teltab per batch of runes? any input would be greatly appreciated. thanks bukka626
  10. Hi, just a random question here, if Jagex keeps on releasing metal dragons, what happens after rune dragons? dragon dragons? barrows dragons? Just thought it would be strange.
  11. can i buy your backpack? (that "backpack" is from animal magnetism) where can i buy a book that I can hold? (reward from horror from the deep)
  12. [ x] Became a Member Quests [ ] Barrows Gloves [ x] Ancient Spells Unlocked [ ] Lunar Spells unlocked [ ] Been inside the Death Altar before [ x] 100+ Tears in Tears of Guthix [ ] All Quests Completed Champion Challenges [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [imp] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [Goblins] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [skeletons] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [Zombies] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [Giants] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [Hobgoblins] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [Ghouls] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [Earth Warriors] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [Jogres] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [Demons] [ ] Defeated The Champion of Champions Mini-Games [ ] Pharoahs Sceptre from Pyramid Plunder [ ] Guthan Spear from Barrows Minigame [ ] Phasmatys Flag from Trouble Brewing [ ] Fight Caves Completed [ ] 4000 Chompy kills [ x] Finished the Rogues Den Maze [ ] Any Void Knight Piece of Clothing/Guthix Mace [ ] Gold Castle Wars Armor Piece [ ] Robin Hood Hat from Treasure Trails [ ] Manta Ray from Trawler [ ] Sea Turtle from Trawler [ ] Maximum Mage Training Arena Points [Orangish Hat] [ x] Completed Stronghold of Security [ ] Won a game of Fight Pits with 20+ people [ x] Bones to Peaches Unlocked [ ] Completed Mage Arena with at least one god spell Guilds [ x] Mining Guild Access [ x] Legends Guild Access [ ] Fishing Guild Access [x ] Champions Guild Access [ ] Warriors Guild Access [ x] Heroes Guild Access [ x] Rangers Guild Access [ x] Magic Guild Access [ x] Cooking Guild Access [ x] Crafting Guild Access [ x] Prayer Guild Access [ ] Rune Defender [ ] Perfect Score in Rangers Guild Minigame Monster Drops [ ] Dragon Chain from Kalphite Queen/Dust Devils [ ] D2H from Chaos Elemental [ ] Dragon Axe from Dagganoth Kings [ ] Warrior Ring from Dagganoth Rex [ ] Beserker Ring from Dagganoth Rex [ ] Mud staff from Dagganoth Prime [ ] Seers Ring from Dagganoth Prime [ ] Seercull from Dagganoth Supreme [ ] Archers Ring from Dagganoth Supreme [ ] Dragon Shield Left Half Drop [ ] Abyssal Whip Drop from Abyssal Demons [ ] Dragon Legs/Skirt from Metal Dragons Games Room [ ] 1500+ Rating in Runelink [ ] 1500+ Rating in Draughts [ ] 1500+ Rating in Runeversi [ ] 1500+ Rating in Runesquares Player-Owned Houses [ ] Sat on a demonic throne [ ] Got trapped in a Greater Magic Cage [ ] Used a Scrying Pool [ ] Mounted Fish from fishing [ ] Mounted Head from any monster Moderators [ ] Seen a Jagex Mod [ ] Became A Player Moderator [ ] Been muted by a player mod Random Events [ ] Full Mime [ ] Full Camo [ ] Full Zombie [ ] Full Lederhosen [ ] Spirit Seed [ x] Any Bird Egg Skill Related [ ] Top 10k in every skill [ ] 100+ Combat [ ] 126 Combat [ ] 200m xp in a skill [ ] 99 in one skill Seasonal Items, Retired or not [ ] Own/Owned a Party Hat [ ] Own a Scythe [ ] Own a Rubber Chicken [ ] Own a Yo-yo Miscellanious [ x] Unlocked Dragonstone Chest in Taverly [ ] 180k Crystal Bows [ ] Burned a Fiyr Shade [ ] Obtained a Wiley/Lazy Cat [x ] Finished the Lava Maze [ ] White Knight Master [1600 kills] [ ] Obtained Skull Sceptre [ ] Own a pair of bunny ears [ ] Every Monkey Greegree [ ] 2.1B cash [ ] Own all three completed prayer books [ ] All Musics Unlocked [ ] All Emotes Unlocked
  13. I think it is a bad idea, only good for those people who are obsessed with pking and are level 100+ with a clan.
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