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  1. Here is where I got it from. To get to it quickly do a Ctrl+F and type in "duo". It's the 1st one with Duo in the name.
  2. is a link to a video of it. ^This is an image of the start-up screen.
  3. Here's a new one of me. btw, I wrote 1 in parenthesis because I'll be using it other forums. This was taken yesterday. Archive this please. Done ~ Bongo
  4. The 90% of text in Japanese is after I use Google Translate. No offense meant.
  5. Unfortunately, it is an obscure program. It was made in Japan. It is a short game. I've just tried looking at the site of the company that made the game, but about 90% of the text is Japanese. That company is called Easygamestation. In case anyones wondering, I'm simply curious about what language was used to make it.
  6. Granted, but then they stop selling soda's because they don't need to sell them. I wish I could think of a wish to make.
  7. I'm better than you because I have a signature!
  8. Granted, but he makes you cook hamburgers for him for the rest of his life. I wish I had every game in the world and could understand them and they would always work perfectly.
  9. Oh, okay. How long will it be until those technical issues are resolved?
  10. happy birthday. In case you're wondering, at the bottom of the forums it shows who has a birthday.

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