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  1. the realities of the past are perplexing

  2. sandy genitalia gestapo, quit stealing my friends

  3. ey ess dee eff gee hlskfj;laj how do you spell H?

  4. 1100 F2P total what whaaat

  5. playing runescape again. what has happened to meeee

    1. blaah


      because I don't have a lot of better things to do

    2. Vezon Dash
    3. blaah


      apparently jagex just gives 500k to people now just for spinning a wheel too


      of course, that happens on one of my noob accounts that I hadn't logged onto in 964 days, so that does a lot of good...

  6. wake up. eat fruit snacks and granola bar. classes. chillll. watch tv. take out contacts and ingest pills. read and listen to music. sleep.

  7. Carlos is snoring

    1. D. V. Devnull

      D. V. Devnull

      Record it, then play it back louder while they're snoring. Perfect revenge. >=P

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