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  1. I took my contacts out and brushed my teef
  2. I won words with friends by 209 points
  3. Carlos bites Finn's face, and Finn hisses at Carlos.
  4. Extended cat time comes every couple days at least
  5. It's been too long. Photoshoot with Carlos this weekend. I take a picture of him every now and then, but we haven't had a real photoshoot in forever.
  6. I was trying to be typicalfemalepacifist.jpg
  7. Aren't you guys glad you can role play freely without pie complaining?
  8. Tyler, you probably should have stalked death better when he existed
  9. STOP FIGHTING! Why can't we all just get along :( Carlos might get catnapped if he's not chained, it's for his own good
  10. No, Carlos must be chained until after he gets his balls cut off at least
  11. This place may have gotten rapey
  12. I'd guess Tom Bedtime, for reals. Goodnight thread. No disasters while I sleep k?
  13. Rachael, John... trollface.jpg
  14. I was gonna go to sleep, but then I TIF'd, and now I don't feel like going to sleep, but I should.
  15. This thread wouldn't be the same without cat gifs.
  16. Don't have such high standards for the mods. They don't have time to use proper spelling in their posts with all the posts we make with only images and no text. They've got better things to do than spell correctly.
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