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  1. Yeah. Because of pie's thing, explanation of that on other forum. Deleting "spam". Waste of mod energy at this point.
  2. I meant the pages since he said that rule, like the last two pages. Not that wits would know better unless she read all the posts since her last visit
  3. I meant the posts in the previous pages of cat gifs
  4. I thought our posts will get deleted if we just post "imagines" and no words.
  5. Yawn, going back when these dogs is done doing
  6. My cat goes on a chain. Yayayay.
  7. I think they're gonna delete more still hmmph
  8. Image Wars? Why is that okay? If they justify it as being within the game's rules and it's okay in forum games, ours is just "last one to post wins". ...
  9. This would be a time that I wouldnt mind them locking just to clean up the massive volumes of images and multiposts
  10. Soo... They couldn't tell us every future offense would be punished severely
  11. We might as well wait till they're COMPLETELY done so someone doesn't get 9k and lose it several times
  12. There's probably a call to arms to attack this thread going on in those mod boards we're not supposed to know about
  13. This bathroom smells like cat urine but I can't find it
  14. Well, they'd be wasting a lot of time if they cleaned up all the multiposts. We can't be that important.
  15. Seriously, for a thread that takes post milestones so seriously, they should just edit out the posts or something unless they're trying to enrage us enough to just leave the forums forever
  16. Well at least it's before the get... They need to finish quickly
  17. Carlos will have to wait to be let out of the bathroom Wat 8997
  18. I'll be leaving today so he won't. He slept in my room all good last night
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