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  1. I'll probably bake a heart-shaped cookie, seems nice
  2. hmm, I haven't baked yet but the kitchen is a disaster and I don't feel like cleaning it to bake, will put off baking until tomorrow
  3. You're so confused we can call you nuts?
  4. oh yeah, next rule break could permaban me
  5. I think I got a warning, it may still be in my inbox
  6. when I use a troll account on tipit, I get in trouble.
  7. Ehh I don't feel like a movie I guess
  8. I almost want to watch Oliver and company now but I don't think the VCR is still hooked up
  9. Carlos and Finn begged and received food
  10. I took Carlos back but he went off somewhere in Carlos land but not outside because now he goes on the chain
  11. I'm amused and I have a real cat near me. And not JUST a real cat, a real cat named Carlos who rapes and bites chunks out of other cats and goes outside on a chain.
  12. I'd be posting cats if I were on computer but I'm half watching hoarders and don't want computer
  13. I wanna be the first to get two K gets. It'd also be two K gets in a row. And 2 for the females. Yes.
  14. I posted that one earlier rotated 270 degrees I think
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