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  1. As a beginning player, I adored Mining and Smithing, although now I can't stand them, and much prefer Construction. Of course, it's an expensive hobby.
  2. Nah, my outfit's too weird to see anyone wearing, but it might happen: Moonclan hat / Kyatt Headpiece Proselyte Cuisse & Hauberk Rune Boots Dragon / Rune Gloves (Normally Rune for the looks) Crystal Shield Rod of Ivandis Legends' Cape Glory Amulet
  3. There's no Astral Rift in the Abyss, so I'd take that bit where you refer to using the Abyss for Astrals out.
  4. Naah. Just it -was- completely obvious to anybody who knew what Stonehenge was (which is pretty much most people, I think) and Stonehedge made me laugh.
  5. Stonehenge, you fool. Not Stonehedge. And...wowomgyoudiscoveredsomethingcompletelyobviouswewillworshipyouforevermore!
  6. Just talk to Historian Minas whith the Dagon'hai book in your inventory. You'll go through the same conversation as before and hand over the book as your proof. I AM. It must be a glitch or something.
  7. How do I fill case three? I think it's the Dragon'hai book, but it won't go in and apparently I have told the historian all the information. Stuck on 148 Kudos.
  8. Probably my study, with the Crystal of Power and the Mahogany Eagle Lectern, although the throne room -might- be more expensive, with the Oak Thrones, but I doubt it.
  9. I hear from a real-life friend that there's this thing called a Nitro Kit that can be used to take NDS game screenshots legally without ROMs--does anybody know where I can get such a thing, seeing as he doesn't?
  10. So it's fair play to, basically, report somebody for having public chat to Friends / Off or not looking at the chat screen? Riiiiight.
  11. Offering house services: RSN: Flamec80 House Location: Yanille Timeframe: Whenever I'm on, really. Server(s): Any non-German servers. Construction Level: 63 How to Contact: PM in Game Additional info: Used Crystal Saw and +3 tea to build pretty much the best I can, with the exception of an Oubliette and Teak Throne. Have Mahogany Eagle Lectern, portals to Kharyrll, Varrock, Falador, Lumbridge, Camelot and Ardougne as well as a mounted Glory.
  12. You can't 'ground' the Arcenia root--that's a completely separate component of the compound. :\
  13. Menti


    You miss the point entirely--BEFORE Einstein came up with E=MC^2, it would have been just as easy to make that formula up and veil the fact that it has no meaning behind 'zomgz copyrights'. Just copyright it, then, and tell us what it means. >> Oh--and if it's been done already, which you said it has, you're not going to make the thousands you think you are anyway, so just tell us if it's the exact same formula. :\
  14. Everybody knows the windup... make explosive compounds and drop them in crowded places. But where the hell can I get Ammonium Nitrate after the quest? I would use Nitroglycerine, but that's only 35 damage. :\
  15. Menti


    So, basically, you're giving as a formula without any reasoning? That's just a load of crap, to be brutally honest--it would take ten seconds to make any old formula up on the spot. I really think that you're making this up. :|
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