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  1. I know my old account names - now if i just remember the special words or questions :)
  2. Speed test is normal, all good. I'm not sure how this relates to lag. Could you be more specific. This is literally click on something and see the red x flash rapidly 2-3 times. Or see red x then immediately a yellow x when your finger is already off the mouse button. Or try to take something out of the bank and get it plus the item below it. I'm reasonably fast with a mouse but even I can't double click that fast. Most of the time I just deal with it. But I have to admit that is really annoying in Chaos Tunnels or GWD.
  3. After one of the January updates a strange thing started happening whilst playing Runescape. Examples: 1) Turn on run immediately goes off 2) Try to open inventory and its flashes a nano second then off. 3) Right click to use bank quickly and get "good Day, how may I help you?" 4) Click on item to buy in GE and window closes and my character "walks away." I've counted up to three "clicks" when I am only clicking once. :ohnoes: Expecially when x-ing out of a window such as a bank window. Since I have noticed this happening to others I was hoping someone here might know what is causing it and how I can fix it. :roll:
  4. Thank you kindly, although I must admit after slogging through all of that I really didn't want to do them anymore. Next time I shall be more specific. :thumbsup:
  5. Best set up for fighting Skeletal Wyverns? Pots etc?
  6. Thank you everyone! That was indeed helpful. Apparently I wasn't moving continuously :mrgreen: Whoot one more task down.
  7. Which is why even when I can have one I probably won't. Just can't stand the colors :lol: Love the thieving one though!
  8. Is anyone else having difficulty with the Seer's Diary updating after walking around the Mysterious Statue? I have been around it and around it ad nauseum and I still can't get an update. I'm not sure what I might be doing wrong. Something obvious I have missed? :oops:
  9. Drat! I got a pic of Psycho Robot. In Edgeville but not on 99. Probably doesn't count, lol I got excited because it's the only time I've ever seen another Tipiter. \ Dratted pic won't post. Is it because I use Webshots? I followed the directions in the sticky. *sigh*
  10. Really, Really? :roll: Perhaps you've never experienced whacking at a magic tree or a rock without getting anything? Once took me over 50 hits to get a piece of addy :-) Personally I am thrilled with the new timer. I can actually enjoy fishing, wcing, fletching, now, whilst catching up with the forums.
  11. Tishala

    Noobs. I hate them.

    Sorry, BTTB333 It is annoying and frustrating. ALERT! Typical insulting blaming response to follow: You won't get much support here, because as you can see from the majority of responses it's all YOUR fault! You go to the wrong places, You wear the wrong things, It's the internet get over it, use the ignore list, You are not a member, or Your rant is wrong. Horse hocky all of it! /moronic response Yeah, yeah, whatever... I'm sure that folks don't necessarily mean to come across as self-righteous [puncture]s but don't seem to recognize when they do. The bottom line is that no one can control anyone's behavior but their own. So, where you go, what you wear, P2P or F2P has absolutely nothing to do with how others behave. I salute your efforts to maintain courtesy and politeness. Hang in there!
  12. What a GREAT week of articles! I can't remember when I have enjoyed a week more. \ The article on the Hunting skill made me laugh will joy and almost cry with frustration. Finally, another player who admits to the oh so very human frailties that make this game so wonderful and annoying at the same time. Bless you jp7725 and good luck on that trek to 99 Hunter. Psycho_Robot thanks for the insight into the GODS (?) of Runescape! I thoroughly enjoyed the byte of history. Necromagus I agree with the others that your article almost, might make me go get one for myself. Pure Fun and entertainment. Construction ~ Ah now there is a classic love/hate relationship with a skill. Tripsis makes excellent, often overlooked points about what are so-called buyable skills. As if the snooty, let me tell you how to play your game contingent has a clue! As far as I can remember right now (and I am sure to be corrected by the board critics) NO SKILL in Runescape can be completely achieved with out buying something. Can you make your own Dragon Scimitar? The point being that the achievment stands for itself. And to the critic who asked why these articles? Are you kidding? :shock: Like art which exists for its own sake and the interpretation of which is in the eye the beholder, the value of these articles is in the eye of the reader. Oh, and to keep me from being bored out of skull whilst I burn 1000 seaweed to ash. :thumbsup:
  13. Tishala

    Noob or Nerd?

    yes you're allowed to rant here but do remind that you ARE wasting peoples time by posting cruddy topics that can be resolved with a single click of the pub chat. It only wastes my time if I stop to read something that I already know is going to annoy me. Amazing to me how much some want to control others behavior whilst doing little to control their own. /insight fail
  14. "stfu nolifer ill safe al i want 2 and ur mums a friggin hoe" This made laugh so hard that I almost spit coke all over my monitor. \ Oh and in reference to another previous post. heroine - a female hero heroin - the drug To which were you referring?
  15. Hallelujah! Thanks for the confirmation Kenneh ( reference to SP??) I shan't be going anywhere near the GE for the next coupla weeks ifn I can help it. :roll:
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