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  1. Can you train att on crush with chaotic maul? Yes, you can train all 3 skills on crush with the chaotic maul.
  2. I think your Youtube channel was hacked.

  3. Number1 Boss and Roger Al are also there.
  4. 1950-2000, based on 1 effigy every 100k xp and less effigies before 99. I'm pretty sure it's not 1 every 100k before 99.
  5. This reminds me of the people who say farming is 5k xp/h because it takes 24 hrs to grow the trees, and also that miscellania is 2k gp/h because you can only get it once a day lol.
  6. The SAM Turret beeps a lot, other than that idk. Just got my 3rd MOAB :D with assault strike package and mk14 lol
  7. What will happen to Water and El Popo1??
  8. Almost 3rd prestige now lol You get the stock gun after you prestige, with no unlocks. I'm almost 100% sure that you can.
  9. If we'll ever be able to clip the animations, Dominion will be pretty much the fastest thing to get to 200m (if low on cash), otherwise it's good for a medium-pace skill (equivalent). But since DF isn't stored in decimals (that I know of) it might go up to 2b :P. It just doesn't contribute to overall rank at all. It's possible that the max is higher than 200M considering the points probably aren't stored in tenths of points.
  10. Whats wrong with getting a 200m before maxed? rofl
  11. Yet you have refused on several occasions to do a 3 hour timing, for no reason, yet you have claimed that you can substain that xp/h for atleast 9h. I have a good idea, how about YOU do a 3 hour timing. Who cares if Gemeos can play for 9 hours at max xp/h or not? If he can, that doesn't make him responsible for doing the timings that you want.
  12. dukky has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello?

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