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  1. Great topic! Runescape Username: Black Paige Country: CANADA!!! \
  2. I support this, but I understand why jagex wont give out more bankspace, its a way to force people into becoming members or quit the game. They can really twist your arm :uhh:
  3. Thanks :) PS: Your sig is supposed to be like this: [img=http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/9315/sig2vd9.png] Yeah i figured it out... also thats too big but i fixed it
  4. My RS name (Black Paige) was created after making a noob account that included numbers. when i fist saw dialogue on tutorial island i saw that all the npcs called my by my user so i though i dont wanna be called this in rs so i made a new account. at first i tried black knight...taken then i tried black squire...taken so finally at the lowest level of knighthood i chose black page, but at the time i spelt it differently so thats how it came to be....my real name isnt paige btw
  5. I was a lvl 1 hunter for a while on gobbys in one week i got 1 wizzy (g) top 1 wizzy g hat bob shirt black herald helm willow comp bow 4 zammy pages 3 sara pages 5 guthix pages 4 highwaymans and wait for it...............................flared pants !!! one day (saturday) got over 20 clues no joke and i got more made a forum sale and sold all oh wait and red elegant top and elegant skirt
  6. Nice Cousin Im Not Rating (personal bias) Nice Stuffables U have no Printscreen of shark! :evil: So envious of ur lvls and bank
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