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  1. hey bro, long long long long time, no talk, thats if you still remember me hahaha
  2. well imo opinion i think major cities should be safe and then outside the walls of major cities it should be just all out pvp because in real life in medieval you were safe inside cities but if you left the walls you could be attacked by bandits etc, but i would be perfectly happy with banks,ge lum etc, but i think it would be funny seeing people slug it out in varrock square.
  3. Well I died at the Jad at 2nd attempt, so I went out and got 81 range and 78 str and working on firemaking. And heres some not so big level pics,
  4. Well didn't do much after I died at the caves, but I did have a go at making an avatar, It is a Wethepeople Addict (my bike) for those that ride bikes, and I just fiddled round with it.
  5. Well today I havn't gotten any levels because I've been in fight caves and I'm in a bit of tough spot, I'm at about wave 52-54 and I've only got one sara brew left -.-
  6. gratz on all your hard work it will pay off eventually with all the rune mining
  7. Well heres a few of the levels i got in that last few days, I am also finally trying to get a firecape, I finally got round to get 2 c bows etc, I'm hoping i can get it first try but this highly unlikely I will post my progress with this as I go. Well heres some pics :D
  8. Personally i was never worried about the reqs 3.0 ghz process 8800 gts graphics card 2 gig ram
  9. Well heres my pic for 39 summoning sorry i missed it, almost 100 combat
  10. :shock: lol, dont worry youll always be richer than me cause i have absolutely no luck at all at barrows -.- And bad luck about dry trip, but its only one dry trip
  11. Today I got 77 Strength 56 slayer 57 slayer and 99 combat heres some pics
  12. Hey Sith I just made a new blog It's still in the half building stage but its up and i'm catching you in the month i've been back ive gotten almost 150 levels and now starting to work on combat again :thumbsup:
  13. Alright well I've just decided to make a new blog because my old blog was hopeless, this will take some time to get totally ready. About Me I live in Aus and I'm still in school thats all I'm gonna give out but RS history, I started in 04 I soughta played a little bit and then started playing this account proplerly in about mid 05. I've always like skilling and am trying to improve my total level greatly. Intresting Things Or Good Levels Newest on top [hide=Goals]1600 Total is one of my semi-long term goals Other then that I just play RS how I feel after i've returned from my break 70 Fishing ( This is a short term goal I will be doing on and off, I have already bought the feathers) 70 Firemaking (This is the same as fishing and I also have already bought the logs for this) 65 Slayer (I'm basically with this just gonna whenever I want to train combat I will do Slayer) 80 in all combat skills Thats about all of my goals atm[/hide] I'd like to say thanks to all of my friends because their just awesome :D
  14. sorry to hear about dying at bandos shey, thats what 91 rc is for though :D
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