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  1. Invest in rares log off for years come back ????? Profit!
  2. This, but next thing you will be called a bot. lose/lose
  3. w117 appears to be the way, unless you know any off the off-shoot assist clans that only assist in 1 or a couple skills.
  4. Looking for a members skilling/event clan? why not come over to RSOF and check out our RT (QFC below) --incoming copy paste-- If you are 1600 total+ and looking for a social and mature clan. Then you should have a look at us. Liberated Skillers United We do weekly events of pretty much anything :D >non warning (unless skill based :P) >All Mini games >Group events >Weekly skilling events, with leader boards :) >Friendly and helpful members Hope to see you around. Recruitment Thread Quick Find Code: 93-94-808-62208803 Discussion Thread Quick Find Code: 90-91-857-62072201 Thanks for your consideration of our clan! ~Stewy.
  5. Oh never mind, missed a page on my search, found what i was looking for ^_^
  6. Yeah i heard that was happening, still i was wondering a rough estimate on runes and stuff :)
  7. Edit: Found the info i was looking for, Thanks.
  8. Nope. EXACT number and unnoted. When you talk to him he will say something about you finding his treasure.
  9. Tried it, Ava doesn't accept it. Number in crossword is what you bring, Just finished it then. [spoiler=spoilers]5 anchovies, 2 bread, 1 garlic - Then talk to Murky Matt
  10. 99 Agility 10/2/2011

  11. Why bring the wildy back after removing it in the first place and putting your foot down saying it will never come back? Why bring free trade back and unlimited staking and not even think about RWT?
  12. Lol 99 Attack GET

  13. woot 99 defence today.

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