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  1. ohhh duh i forgot to say my helm is rune i just painted it w/ varrok colors
  2. hi just saying hi incase u have a short memory u were the first to post on my barrows blog so im cheking yours out... prity sweet maybe i cantake u barrowing one day to finaly get u a drop :-k
  3. 1.ohhh ya love the title. well first let me introduce myself, i am Great One330 but you can call me Great 1. This is my first ever blog so plzzz dont flame... or ill bug u for the rest of your rs life. ok? ok. 1. intro(above silly) 2. why 3. rules 4. goals 4 1/2. stats 5. system 6. records 7. money 8. supporters 2.I started barrows a few months ago and thaught it was realy fun. i have done a total of like 50 runs with 3 items which i forgot what they are. 3. rules a. no flaming b. no spamming c. all tip.it rules aplly d. all runescape rules appy e. do not question my spelling/grammar (just dont want to hear it) f. well not realy a rule but if u read this plz post your opinion 4.goals ( )not done (O)started (x) done total runs:8 total drops: 3 total half keys: 2 p pot doses used: 80 p pots(3) in stock: 52 total b racks: 292 total minds:1605 total chaos:491 sharks used:35 coins: 3778 deaths:405 a. 1 barrows item(X) b. 5 barrows items( ) c. 10 barrows items( ) d. 20 barrows items( ) d. 50 barrows items( ) e. 100 barrows items( ) a. 20 runs( ) b. 50runs( ) c. 100runs( ) d. 200runs( ) e. 400runs( ) f. 600runs( ) g. 1000runs( ) h. 1500runs( ) a. profit 1m(X) b. profit 5m( ) c.profit 10m( ) d.profit 25m( ) e.profit 50m( ) 4 1/2. stats and yes i know my stats suck for barrowing but i am here to show that even with these stats you can profit from barrowing 5. system first is my equipment/inventory i know its not the best but it works now for the whole stratigy part 1. start i varrok 2. walk to canafris (pray on the way) 3. bank if needed 4. use tunle behind the bar and take boat to barrows 5. first fight dh w/ pray 6. next verak w/ pray 7. ahmir w/ pray 8. kail w/ pray 9. torag then guth w/ pray 10. in tunel get 15-25 kill count and if a melee bro is in the tunnle i use lader as safe spot if not i go to chest and fight there w/ pray on 6. i will be posting the records for runs in groups of 5 ea run 1-5 earnings-419k loss- 163k profit-256k torags hammers(run 2) loop half of key(run 4) teath half of key(run 5) run 6,7,8 earnings-1130k loss-100k profit-1030k Guthans pl8 body(run 6) guthans pl8 body(run 7) not i will not count blood runes do to the fact i normaly even out there. 7.money starting gold-2.3m total loss-0 total profit-0 total earnings-0 loss due to new armor/wepons-0 current gold-2.3m 8. supporters 1.Great One330 2.fujimonster-(banned =( ) 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 15. note- i am always looking for ppl to do barrows with. end
  4. omg so freaking funny i was laughing for like 10 min. ...anyway nice blog and nice bank 10/10
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