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  1. What options do I have for higher range dps through slaying and MHing. Currently I am using Royal, I don't want to be bothered at this point with Chaotics and don't have money for acs, is dual Karils better than royal? what else can I do?
  2. Hey guys, I just started playing again a month or so ago and got my first Dag task since being back. What is the best way now with EOC to do DK's for my task? stats 99 ATK 93 STR 95 DEF 99 Range 90 Mage 82 Prayer 99 const 89 sum I don't have port armour yet and I have about 50m to work with.
  3. what is the world where all of these stakers are finding the boxing matches?
  4. what world do you guys find people willing to box on?
  5. hmm mmk. well i need a herb farming spread please
  6. there was a fully guide of them at one point but just the herb farming would be fine
  7. i've been looking all over for the spreaksheet guide grimy made but i cant find it anywhere, can someone give me a link to it
  8. this thread makes the same argument over and over and over. YES, we understand that any human eye can catch and tell who is a bot and who isn't, but Jagex cant have people watching every server, and every high botting area all the time. it is simply impossible. they rely on computer detection. Here in itself is another problem, you cant just ban anyone for doing repetitive bot-like actions, because thats what the game is! repetitive actions, and some players are great are matching the same keystrokes or mouse swipes in the same time, its called muscle memory. Jagex has to come up with something that can ban bots without banning real players while at the same time making it general enought to cover the entire game. all of this while botting sites are just getting more advanced. in total: stop saying you can catch bots so why cant jagex. it is the most idiotic argument that you can possibly make!
  9. the 80m's not the big thing, the fact that someone forth 1.7b needs to scam to get it is. that on top of a mute and losing p mod status for someone across the screen saying "selling account make an offer" right before i say "15m" to a host and getting charged with rwt by the same guy selling the account. tell me there isnt something wrong with this picture of rs?
  10. was dicing with a guy for well over 2 hours, started at 148m, at one point i got up to 190m and he was "vidding" all the big bets. dont get me wrong this guy had money too, he showed 1.7b so start with. we did bets with about 25- 5m's 20- 10m's and 15- 20-30m. in the middle i also did a few 35m's always using the tripple on loss rule, it rinally came down to me at 80m, (trippling the bet would have been 60m) but i decided to do 40m, won and what do you know he is gone. scammed for 80m on that win and he left with 20m other winnings all in all after this last 2 weeks in rs i am quitting. free trade was the worst thing to happen to my game. lost moderator status for a completely stupid offence(ask the guys that say it in pic thread) and getting scammed for 100m over 2/3 my bank. i want rs out of my life and i want nothing to do with it.
  11. When opening zombie imps what is the approximate cost per long/curved bone? or even just the number of bones per jars?
  12. hey, im looking for a trusted dice roller, (preferably a tif member) who i can bet with (up to ~150m max), and who wont walk until i do. thanks in advance!
  13. whats your con exp/ cost ratio? Not sure ..all I want are fast levels. :P well how many of each bones did you get for how many imps? i can figure the rest out on my own ;p
  14. the did you know is actually really helpful, thanks a lot!
  15. After a year and a half of being a pmod (including ~15 mod events and meeting and talking with 10+ different jmods) my crown has been revoked and i am under review for this <mod edit: Conversations from Jagex in part or whole are supposed to be confidential, sorry about the unfairness though> as you see i was playing the flower game for well over an hour with one person. she had 15m in winnings already, and i just won 3 of 15 flowers for 15m total(putting her at 5m up) she teled, i sent in a report then grabbed up my seeds to host a game where people could actually play w/o getting scammed. as you can see the reporter is totally legit too...
  16. if you play your luck right you can still make big profits. while hosting today i had two guys who were going back and forth. im not sure what they came with but lets just say it was 100m they both started with 100m and did multiple 5-10m bets against eachother. in the end one walked away with 170m and the other with 10m. and i know for a fact that the guy with 170m put 100m in the bank and came back to play more, knowing that even if he never won again that 100m would be safe and he would break even.
  17. i plat tb at least once every two months, i love doing charm sprites, and i burned 400 shades this summer, i guess i didnt get the memo about them being deserted.
  18. I am actually a host in a cc (dragon dice) that in run like this. a host calls out that he is hosting in the cc 1 person trades the host his bet the host calls out the bet as a "wager" another person also trades the host the same amount the host counts down (321 roll) both parties roll in the cc with 2 6 sided dice the winner gets the pot and the host keeps 10% of the pot. it is a fair 1/2 chance but if you play for a long time you eventually will just end up losing the 10% to the host. an important factor is that 3 of the 7 or 8 hosts are pmods(including myself) and the other few guys are billionaires, only 2-3 people host at a time, but you can win big this way, and get steady money as a host. plus people like the idea of playing somebody else with 50-50 odds
  19. I've been away from the game for about two months now. could someone refresh my memory of the commonly used dung worlds(and the suggested levels for them) thanks =)
  20. P-mods aren't supposed to use third party toolkits, I just use another tab to look anything up, used to use swiftkit tho
  21. I would just like to point out that if you have the herb dungeon scroll the 10% return for mixing (unf) applies to these new herbs too
  22. double herb pot last for about 5 minutes and comes in (3) doses. it gives 1/3 chance of 2 herbs EVERY PICK. it's important to know it is every pick and not per patch. if you were averaging 35 herbs a trip before you should now average 46-47 herbs a patch, amazing with snap and torsols
  23. I'm normally not one for big format changing updates like this, but i really like this one. the tasks are neat and great for a new player and the new progress bar are Amazing!
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