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  1. Or you could just do like myself and eagerly await 83 farming to cash in your 56 spirit seeds and over a million free exp
  2. under a month Want to bet? No way it's going to be with one month only. Warped just came out. The xp rates are much higher, and the people with 200m atm did a huge chunck of their xp without warped floors. I would say that a month or so would be an accurate guess. At max prestige, you can now get like 300k+ an hour xp rates. Dungeoneering is a fast skill once you get 119+ hell ya... u can get 4m a day with a nolifing perm team or 2m a day with randoms tbh and now people make floors in a row teams... at 300k xp/h 4m a day is not no lifing =p just sayin So playing 13.33 hours a day is not no lifing? Sorry, what? 8 hours to sleep, 13.3 hrs to play a game, leaves, lets see, 2.7 hours to eat/shower etc. 2 hours a day. Good luck with work/friends with 2 hrs a day spare. not to go against the fact that 13h a day is pretty much the definition of no-lifing, but i'm a senior in hs and i live and function fine on 5h a day of sleep, to assume 8 hours is unrealistic from a top player.
  3. blues -25k-30k at stable pricing, after the merchers got done with them for the first 4 months crimson- 8-10k pretty much the best training charms in the game and people are already spending 4k+ to get 200/hour greens- 800gp most useless charms there are, xp only a little better than gold but 5x the cost in seconds, if people want faster xp they will use crims golds- 1000gp most cost efficient charms to use by far
  4. Seriously THE best item you can buy for 20K tokens. I'm only just starting to make overloads and it has already saved me over 3m in just 400 overloads. Did some calculations and from 92-99 herb the scroll will save over 22m. Def worth the measly 20k tokens.
  5. @ the Chat, why would the person need a leecher? Give more XP or something? (not to good with that dung stuff) Level 3 leecher brings the monster levels down, and it's a bonus if they have decent skilling stats so they can fish for the group while everybody else finishes. am i allowed to ask what chat that is?
  6. Take the first, second, or third letters of each 3-letter sequence. Decodes to: Hunter Herblore Farming another herb update already?
  7. the way you are saying it makes it seem like a quest should only be about lore. if thats what they are supposed to be then they might as well be a wall of text. A quest is a journey through the game, sometime for back story, sometimes not. If you disagree please tell me what cooks assistant has to do with any sort of conceivable plot line. During most journeys some form of SKILL is required to complete a task, do you think Odysseus would have been able to fight off 20+ suitors with an attack level anywhere below 65? no! not a chance! So needing 80 mage to unravel the secrets of a mystically bound door is quite the fair thing to ask.
  8. when you get to the cost portion you only count 3.5k for the cost of burning the shade when really it is 7k, making it still profitable but by very little
  9. i wont be using mousekeys at all so i can plan for ~2000 pots total mixed in 1.5 hours and that'd be on the safe side?
  10. I'll only be able to get on during the exp weekend for about 1.5 hours of it, but i have ~5k pots ready to mix. i want to know how many i can do an hour so i know how many to sell.
  11. The only real difference any of this makes is to make it more complicated, which is unessesary. All units and moves have their plusses and minuses if you know how to use them.
  12. i've only been getting 15-20 points every game even though i haven't lost, is this normal?
  13. max time i'll be able to play during weekend: 2 hours haveing 8k pots ready to mix: priceless
  14. I can't get away with to much glitching, being a p mod and all, not to mention mod calm was at the party. For attack i just did slayer and random killing of different stuff, and range was with red chins at monkeys(its very cost effective now with the price of chins)
  15. any idea what time it will end monday? thats the only day i can get on =/
  16. After over a year sense getting 99 cooking i decided it's finally time to trim the cape. I didn't want to just get any other 99 to trim it, after having my untrimmed cooking for 19 combat levels, i wanted to trim it in style. I got 99's in attack, hp, and range all at the same time, and it got me 130 combat! here are some pictures! ps. a special thanks to fun cave chat and Mod Calm for showing up to see me level!
  17. you mean that outdated thing that gets >4 posts a day? i figured i'd have better luck here.
  18. Recently i have been trying to get a set of battle robes to help mage along. I got 2 robe bottoms, and 2 hoods in the ge, what i havent been able to get is a robe top. what i'm wondering is: what is the street price of all three items, and is it possible to trade a bottom and hood for a top? ps. if anyone is interested in selling to me, or making a trade just message me here or ingame rsn: Great One330
  19. I did that it was like 600-700k profit/h. Probably the best idea. This is just the kind of thing i was looking for! thanks! any instruction on how to do it? i know they spawn near the orges but is it just one of the caves or what, what do i need?
  20. its all in the luck i personally have killed upwards of 2000 iron drags and 300 steels and nothing dragon whatso ever, its all luck.
  21. Well the point is that you can guarantee 2-3 patches. When I watch my patches, I followed the fally patch and the ecto patch since they were easy to get to. Every time a growth cycle happened, I checked both. This goes well with marigolds and limpwurts. thats true, i'll look into that for the flower patch
  22. even though i recently chinned to 99, the only stat i can really give is that 250-275 exp, a chin is a safe bet. Also if you want 99 range dont back out of chinning, it is by far the best, and now-a-days with all the red chin hunting bots, very cost/time efficient.
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