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  1. thanks for the link. yea idk about the click-fest of doing the two skills at once, maybe if i had 85 minning or something rune could be an option, but other than that i dont really like the idea of doing two skills full force at one time. I already will be farming, and i'd rather use a timer than watch them anyway.
  2. I have over 100k(and counting) addy arrows to fletch and i would like to do so in the most advantageous way possible. What i'm asking for is a spawn or something i can pick up or do while fletching arrows. so far i've though of the rannar spawn and farming evil turnips, but i'm looking for other ideas. (btw dont metion regular farming i will already be doing that) also if somebody could link me to the list of daily activities, i cant seem to find it anymore.
  3. Ever once in a while i'll get accused of botting at ivy because i dont talk becuase i do hw when im there. It's not that big of a problem tho, normally i just type a line of text then they appologize really fast. it amazes me how fast a little crown with m on it can change somebodys mind.
  4. you guys need to chill, the content team was done with their part, which is in retrospect a lot easier coding than the graphics team has. if the graphics team isnt ready because coding for lower quality computers is taking longer than expected there is nothing the content team can do but continue onto the text project.
  5. I dont find it to hard to deal with players at all. All it takes is a little knowhow on where to slay. killing regular bloodvields? go to the room next to mutateds, its always empty. killing black demons, try the new dungeon. killing metal drags? there are 4 or 5 options to take. all in all its not that hard to find a empty or neer empty spot, the most amount of hops i've had to do on a slayer task in the last year is 2, it also helps to know what kind of worlds are good for slayer.
  6. he could have just used it on you and as far as i know you get it back in your invent then
  7. Den thats why lazy people like me wait until not lazy people like you post on tif :shades:
  8. He also said he wasnt 100% sure. :P Summary I made since they are done now: [hide]Mod John A is working on the next Red Axe Quest. Trolls will be involved in this quest. Will maybe be done at the end of the year or early next year. The current plan is for all troll graphics to get updated with the next dwarf quest. Mod Fnord is working on a quest featuring a signature hero, but he's waiting for the graphics team before he can finish. Later it is mentioned that a signature hero quest with the white knight hero and the quest being called "Tomb Raider". It is also said you need to break the white knight hero out of jail. Eastern Lands wont come out untill the current continent is finished. Kudo's island is too big of a graphic project at the moment. Mod Dylan (the maker of MEP2) is the person working on Elemental Workshop Quests at the moment. The Next Myreque Quest is being worked on currently. Not 100% sure, but it doesnt look like its coming in 2010. Mod Maz is working on a Dev Diary related update. We know this though, its the Elite Diaries. No plans to reveal the thingummywhat as of this date. The thing under Wise Old Man's bed was actually supposed to be a goblin. Mod Ash knows it looks nothing like one though. There currently is no work being done on: - Kudo's Island - The Cursed Archipelago - Castle Drakan Double EXP weekend doesnt have a date yet. (Duh) There is an activity being worked on which will be out this year. (We know this, its from the Void Knight Quests) Mod Ash: "Mind you, I loved the video trailer for the Void Knight quest. I'd have liked one of those for Love Story." There wasnt a video trailer for the void knight quest, might be refering to the dungeoneering one though. Mod John A drinks too much coffee. Mod Ash drinks Hot Earl Gray tea with milk and no sugar. Mod Ash says they want Dungeoneering Batch 2 out before RuneFest, he could be wrong about that though. Gnome chatheads were started to get updated, but the graphic dev's got moved over to dungeoneering. They want to update tree's but havent had time. More fashion clothes and costumes for girls coming soon. Monkey Madness 2 is not being worked on.[/hide] if all of this is legit i actually like this q+a, see'ing as i have a questcape it may iterest me more than others tho
  9. i can confirm there are no other exclusive drops from frost dragons other than their bones
  10. probably way to soon to confirm this, but i have noticed slightly better drops so far at black demons, may be nothing but just a heads up
  11. it's all about the dps, which in most cases looke dlike this high def monster- warior ring low def- zerk
  12. okay thanks, 130 combat will be no problem at this point, just gonna be a pain getting 80 through w117
  13. i feel like this is just adding to the fact that they added greater demons to kuradels dungeon. it lowers the reward for the combat number, its has always been the advantage of higher levels to have the single click. for me personally i know it was always a small goal that pushed me forward. yay 122 combat now i can left click hellhounds!
  14. After getting from 1-59 solo then 59-72 with a 5:5 from w117 i have decided that it is time to leave the incompetence of a world 117 team and search for a good well organized, well trained dun team for my journey to 90 or 100. So if anyone can hook me up with a team, or someone to talk to about getting in one i would appreciate it. stats if anyone cares
  15. well i eventually got it myself, but i didnt have unlimited moves so i got one bar then had to do puzzle 3 4 and 5 all over
  16. After starting the quest and getting through the first three puzzles i got to the 4th puzzle in the guide and after trying "To solve Puzzle Part #4, pull the levers in the following order: C, 4, B, 6, E, 4, F, 6, A, 5, E, 6, B, 2, F, 6, B, 2, F, 6, C, 5, E, 6, F, 4, E, 5, B, DO NOT RESET" from tip.it's guide 4 times i have found that it doesnt work, can someone help me?
  17. When you consider it though, players like me who will be using the bonecrusher for EVERYTHING that drops bones below dragons while training slayer, during the process of 2m-3m slayer exp, what i will get before i train prayer hardcore again, i will have gained a good few hundred k in prayer exp. that will cut out just that many more bones i need to use. If a million players use it to train prayer at leisure then it takes just that much more need out of the supply.
  18. I see my sxc self in the iron and mage cape Arnt i a sexy nub?!Friggen the whole fsc chat was thereXano, Vann, Stilly, Dzi, U, Probs squig [ModEdit: Lizard reference removed] Man do I miss those days... and my untrimmed crafting cape. I think its funny that I said I had 95 mage banked in runes in the pic and that I got 95 magic right before the nerf of fire waving for ep... then alched 95-99 in 3 days of hell... Cool pic Dzi peace, Vann I remember our epic lines, great times. im the one you are actually ep'ing with dzi, lol good times, good times.
  19. Batch two is always awesome <3 summoning ps. hopefully i dont have to wait another 2 years for a new skill now. I've played 3 and almost a half year and have only seen 2 skills introduced
  20. i was away for april 1st, so i feel left out. yet i also feel strangely at home knowing their are now more pokemon sigs. ~proud to have a pre-April fools pokemon~
  21. I think it's a great step in the right direction for pmods. We aren't meant to be big scary muting monsters, we are supposed to be helping support the community and deal with any of the people who might disturb, or endanger, the safety of the other players along the way. It is an idea made entirely by the pmod and fmod community and Jagex was right there to back us up on the event, so props to the jmods too! It's also a nice way to get the newer players more comfortable around, and notice more, the growing pmod community as we gather in droves to help with the event.
  22. Am I the only one that doesn't see how that's a fail? Its within itself is an advert Not really a fail, more of just a coincidence... you would think the amount of skills would be listed.
  23. This whole event was very exciting for me. For me personally i believe it did serve it's purpose, while i do still have lots of goals, it knocked off a few of the tough ones that i really wanted to get out of the way. Now i do feel like i would be okay and "ready" to put off other goals to train the new skill!
  24. You obviously didn't read the whole article :shame: . I even had a few of my P-mod friends try muting some of the bots on world 58 with no success. If they were even shut down at all they were back in action the next day. I report the same ones almost daily & they're still there. It's like I'm beating my head against the wall... :wall: Don't bother reporting them, it only wastes time that the employees could be spending looking at reports that they can actually do something about.
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