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  1. never underestimate the hints. ma was released with the hint that it would be "low-key" which itself was referring to the notepad and sarcasm towards ma too.
  2. 1.3k+ iron kills with best drop a d stone 16hours of gdw with 2 hilt splits 64 run barrows dry atm(thats over 6 hours btw) 2 warrior ring drops and no others in 9 dk trips stfu and suck it up, you dont see me [bleep]ing that I only made 2.5m in 4 hours at barrows
  3. Some one did this a while ago. I think they had Herblore and Thieving at the same xp, and all the xp from tears went to just one of them. I also read somewhere that you only get slayer exp if it is your lowest stat.
  4. Was this update done last year? If not then they are lieing out of their [wagon].
  5. one thing no one has mentioned is chinning, it makes up for it by a lot with the exp, but when you think about it it needs much more actions do do right than any other range method.
  6. well i went 8.5 hours in and it is 1:30 so i decided to just sleep and wake up early to continue.
  7. 5 hours in, already got 92 and 93 range, will be getting 94 range next then 96 hp
  8. I like the pokemon theme one, pokemon was my childhood.
  9. well i have finally decided the path i want to take. I will be doing spctres to 99 attack. they are 60k exp/hour plus really awesome for drops. I will be doing ever clue that i get from them. I then also(this Saturday and Sunday) will have my first importunity to try and go 24 hours straight play. I want to note that this is very out of the ordinary as i normally play maybe 2 hours a day if i'm lucky. I hope to get t least 6m range exp in this time using red chins.
  10. well seeing as it will come out on a tuesday or a wednesday, and there are 0 days off on those days in my school. it looks like i will have a hard time getting great one. Might go for something Greek or very well known to the educated world. perhaps i shall nab Charles Evremonde, or Charles Darnay.
  11. way to go :thumbsup: i hope to get that soon too, but it probably will still be a while. Got the charms for 84, i'm 83 atm.
  12. but you can't deny that their is much more coming into the game than is being used as most people save it up for a while before using it.
  13. a hard one to guess would be something like coal, it can be minned by so many and also used just as much
  14. We are not spamming/arguing we are discussing the topic brought in here, were in General Discusion dont forget... go die. you are arguing and spamming, this is for pictures and discussing them not the broken ge or merching. if you need to discuss that go make a tread, that is the general discussion, not this unspam look at the chat, i was in that world for 2 hours prior. and he was hybriding. :wall:
  15. I don't think you can really give them levels, but you can give them ranking on their powers. strongest(at their peak) to weakest Elder gods Guthix Zaros Saradomin Zamorak Lucien
  16. I don't know about red charms, but for crimsons you could also try the dags in the ct with pray and super potions you can get around 40/hour
  17. i may try this but seeing as it will be solo i doubt it, sweets may be more efficient though. Nope, you still need some form of run restoration for soloing. When I duo a few kills at the end of a trip, I usually fall below 10 energy, and end up having to rest for around 5 seconds while my teammate runs around. I just tried soloing for the first time today, and I used around 70 terrorbird scrolls for 5 kills. I would say that purple sweets are not worth it, as they are so expensive for only 20 energy. okay, well i haven't been there sense the update so i didn't know. i always did use a t-bird
  18. I have been saying the same thing as the first article for months now, yet every time i get flamed saying that they are trying their best and if i don't like it i should quit. This is not their best though, i find '08 to be one of their bests, only missing 2 weeks without updates(summoning and hd), this year we have missed a multitude of weeks without updates, not to mention them hiding behind the lack of a bts because they can't stick to a damn schedule!
  19. i may try this but seeing as it will be solo i doubt it, sweets may be more efficient though.
  20. Never seen any rates for any of the others. yea i saw that in toasts guide, but i'm not sure if that is the same for all or if zs or ss are different
  21. Seems like people are finally starting to agree with me after all. Who is the bad guy now?
  22. thanks, well i have the solo bandos and sara practically perfected as far as setup go, but i still need the best for zammy and arma
  23. It doesn't allow you to take followers into building mode, unless you access building mode, leave the house, and then teleport into it. Then, you would be in building mode with the pet behind you, and it still grows while in building mode. Think people could be banned for this? your building now staying in building mode even if you tele away. i tele'd to my house while ti was in building mode, called it and lost it. i will post a picture later. it is already on my blog if you want to look.
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