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  1. what crashing item can i buy lowest in the ge and sell with one mint for a profit?
  2. i would have been pissed if that was the real plan for the next year. it sounded boring and the idea of the updates reminded me of the poison arrow pub. How many times have you been there sense the first day?
  3. Waiting three weeks without an update should do.
  4. yes! lets fill up the levels for fishing and agility with fish that are already outperformed by other means of healing.
  5. my three best slayer tasks gargs- 3 mauls, 3 rfh mages- 3 boots black drags- kbd head solo and 500 yews and 4 rune longs also i make ~1m each blue drag task oh, and btw, if you just leave your cannon down there and get a macaw and bank every herr+ herb you can make way more than just to pay for c-balls (banking with house tele pray up, glory to edge, slayer ring to summona)
  6. on the list, along with Great one60, who just became a pmod, so gl hoaxer...
  7. changed my mind, the 5-minute logout timer is by far the best update this year.
  8. is there any chance that i can submit one still, if i do it today? I was waiting to post mine in case any newer items came out, and I don't really think it is fair that it was closed without warning. So if i could still get one into you i would greatly appreciate it.
  9. I hate how everyone disregards the first 6 months of this year like it didn't happen. It wasn't a good overall year, in fact it was probably one of the worse, what it was was a GREAT last 3-6 months. My favorite update...well I don't think there are any definitive updates that stand out in my mind, but the high level ones are always something to train for. I do think temple at Senntisten was by far the best quest, mainly cause Z is back. :)
  10. well at my stats 96-90-90 with melee and a buynip and healing with guthans i still managed ~60k an hour.
  11. Sig is short for signature, and a signature on a forum is something you put after your post so that people can recognize you easier. It does not have to be fancy or anything to be a sig, i could put use a black box with my rsn in it and it would still be a sig. ps. you are one to judge, love your stock stat sig btw :roll:
  12. Going off of what the last guy said, Arma was the god of law. It is because of this that the idea of the staff creating a definite winner is plausible. I personally don't think arma was that powerful, but like Guthix has a sort of balance power(but with law) and is able to destroy other gods with this special ability-ish power.
  13. i have just over 30 of them in my bank atm, 2 from nest all the others from a loong time on maples.
  14. This just in: this man's opinion is apparently the only opinion that matters, even though he wasn't even a judge. if it makes any difference, i agree with him. That's sooo overused and not even close to funny.
  15. 1500 irons/steels without a drop over rune limbs 38 barrows dry broken by b2b guthan plates, followed by a dry 69 and counting 2000 godwar boss kills with only 2 hilt splits and one shard.
  16. should have been against the rules to share any info about the clues, or an easier way to do tha would be to make them slightly different for each person.
  17. The quest was awesome :thumbsup: and it just puts Zaro's power into perspective for any of those who doubted him. I personally happy that after years of arguing with "zammy > Zaros" noobs i finally have something to back it up besides for the lore that they don't read. :wink:
  18. how about you get faster internet and a larger screen, if you want to see insanity, i can upload my pic's in the full 1920x1200 size that they normally are, instead of re-sizing them to 1024x768. The new forum automatically resizes large pics as to not stretch the page. Also, many of the pics here are from swiftkit, which means all they have to do is press one upload button to upload a large number of pictures. So 5 sec vs. 2 min a pic can equal a lot of time. And plus how are you going to make it mandatory to crop? do you also want to remove any sigs, or hd pics too? Seriously, shut up and sit down, and don't come to a picture thread if a bit of extra black space makes you loose you sanity. [bleep] off dude.
  19. This is actually very true, and very deep. I know that i have never once thought that while playing, and it is that idea that keeps this game alive and running.
  20. bump. why is this down so low. surely you have more great ideas in that head of yours :thumbsup:
  21. I make untrimmed cooking hot. I love getting these reactions, lol. I enjoyed my time cooking and i don't plan to trim till next year when i will trim with 6 planned skills, will probably only get to 5 though, but well see.
  22. don't worry to much about a 30 dry. i had a 36 dry then back to back items...even though those were my last items i got and now i'm on a 68+ dry <_<
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