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  1. Happy birthdayyy youuu! :D

  2. Forum name: Honest1 Ingame name: Honest1 Slave you wish to bid for: Gandorf Your bid: 500k Picture of the cashpile/items, with your name clearly visible in the chatbox and the cashpile examine also visible (NEEDED): I don't feel like grabbing a screenshot, needless to say people know me so hopefully that'll be enough.
  3. Holy Cabbage you guys are still around?? Really brings back memories, might actually make this.
  4. Interesting, I've always liked writing creative pieces of work. Perhaps a lurker has a chance? We'll have to see I guess! *Returns to the void of lurkers to tap into the void of the imagination*
  5. It's very sad news to hear this. I have personally worked close with Pup, and him and I got along. It's sad to think of all the friends who i've lost contact with over the years, and even sadder to find out that a great person like Alduron has passed away. My prayers and best wishes will be with his family, and I know that Alduron has moved on to a better place. I know I speak for the entire community who was involved with him when I say, there will be a empty place in tip.it that just can't be filled.
  6. Hai Honest-guy! :)

    *hugs* :)

  7. Happy Birthday! :)

  8. Have a Happy Birthday!

  9. I once had a very large period of time, where if I didn't have my private messages set to friends i'd get about a million messages per second, and then I wouldn't be able to talk to my friends. I still somewhat have this issue of people I don't even know messaging me about things that happened a long time ago, but I have more friends on my friends list then I have space to add them, and I don't want to get rid of the people who are on it. I don't see this as being the case for everybody else, but I wasn't feeling like I was better then everybody else, I simply didn't have the time to say hi to everybody, and those who are my friends come first. Even today i'm set to friends only, and if people don't like that so be it. I honestly can give a care less what people think of me over it, if they think i'm a moron then I probability wouldn't give a care about getting to know them anyhow, as they are totally ignorant towards deductive reasoning.
  10. great work. 99 fishing is a challange, but it feels awesome.
  11. Personally if I where with jagex I'd add a spam filter to chat, and warn players that if they spam a certain amount of lines per minute that it will result in a temporary chat mute. Nothing large, but like even a 30 minute auto mute would help in solving a lot of these issues.
  12. The black night didn't go down quietly. He managed to trick our guards a few times to get time to hide, but with a little bit of persistence our intelligence tracked him down. Of course the white knights decided not to reward us for our effort, and that meant we had only 1 option, we marched into the castle and burned the place to the ground. Teaches them. Thanks to all who showed up we had a great time! For those who didn't show up, there's always our next event!
  13. This event starts in 15 minutes! Hope you all show up!
  14. I have seen quite a few articles where people have made online gaming so much their life that they've taken their lives over it. Jagex knows that they've got an addictive game, and that's why when they do things like the upcoming bonus experience weekend that they have to put a cap on these things. I think it's a very good move by Jagex to care that much about their player base. Way to go Jagex! =D>
  15. Honest1

    Skill Capes

    I have a fishing skill cape. Getting 99 Fishing was a major challenge, and took a lot of hard work. I don't have another skill that's 99 my closest is 88 cooking. I could get 99 cooking, but I just don't really feel any pressure in getting another 99 like that. I had fun getting 99 fishing, and it was a grind, but I don't play the game for the grind. If you get a 99 in a skill it's a well done achievement, and in the end of the day if you had fun it's all that matters. Utilize that ignore list, and report abuse button, and stand tall and with pride with the well earned cape you have.
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