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    I am mostly a skiller/quester, and monster hunter, I would love to get into pking if someone would help me, I spend one month as f2p and one month p2p. If anyone would like to go bossing or pking with me pm me in game :) happy 'scaping :)

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    armadyl's army
  1. A lot has changed! Can't wait to tackle some of the new quests!

  2. I'm just wondering if maybe i ran out of pray pots then i would have some decent protection is it worth it or not?
  3. Redaing through the tormented wraith guide i noticed on the melee section the best option was plain black platebody,platelegs etc etc surely they should be the best on them but is it really worth the cost,weight and time as you will be praying anyway should i bother investing in some elite black or keep with my normal black?
  4. I would just like to apologise for my first post.I was in a massive hurry and was just getting it down.Armadyl has already demonstrated massive power with his godsword,and Kree'arra.So could there be development to GoA getting the staff back and restoring power?Maybe Movario will send you on another very difficult quest to retreive it?And then is corrupted by its power and spreads mass destruction or is not corrupted and spreads the word of Armadyl?
  5. As we all know from the new release of curses with a new quest and the message of the week 'GUESS WHO'S BACK' .Zaros is regaining power but what about armadyl?Has armadyl been forgotten? as we all know his godsword is very desriable as is his range set. But followers,quests,power and contact?There is none!Jagex is behind on many storylines mahjarrat,dwarf,elf,gnome,(to a lesser extent)monkey(ape atoll)and pirate quests,but armadyl has barely started a.k.a temple of ikov is the only one so jagex should make a start on armadyl too zaros and armadyl formerly the most popular before and during the godwars has all living memory of armadyl gone?And will it remain this way or is a new quest on the way?
  6. My clan does not have a warlord but having broken off from a previous clan the old clan (i will not name and shame ok i might shame a litlle)(i broke off because the became 0 honour)a warlord SHOULD be classed as high council because it has authority over an entire part of sed clan (PKing/warring) also to organise any wars or PKing events a warlord should be a capable leader and a very good PKer
  7. ok how about instead of your character i could make mine look like yours and wear my best skiller things eg rune pic or hatchet the best tiara i have etc i am going offline now so email me or something

  8. All that sounds good, but thing is... my char is low lvled, so i pretty much just wear my air tiara and craft airs.. :P so no cool armor there :<

    And im from sweden, my char is a skiller with the bonus of being able to wear runepick/hatchet... But that is an awesome idea! Think you can work on it without the char picture?

  9. my idea is having homer simpsons forehead with eyes visible and a thought bubble taking roughly a quarter of space saying 'mm dasdoughnutz' with a big ring doughnut with pink frosting/icing depending on which country ur from with a plus a screen shot of ur character walkin in ur best armour then equals next to the equals it will say 'tasty'

  10. To be completely honest it depends on your situation if you are in a team dagganoth kings would be MUCH more efficent and a greater chance of drops personally i would go for the dagganoth kings although i do not think there is a guide out tht incooperrates surge spells YET although im sure there will be and as for tormented demons you would benefit more soloing but i would go for kings
  11. Oh and if you know any other "sig makers" you can give me their names and i'll see if i can get a nice one from them aswell :)

    I only have one request, but if you have already started just ignore this one, if possible for you just throw in a jummy looking doughnut there if not then just don't. xD

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