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  1. well i plan to use my blue charms all up first, then switching right into herb at cw for the next 4 hours or so, then using my crimson charms-green-gold and so on
  2. How many potions can i turn from (u) to finished in an hour?
  3. but when you think about it the idea of this is to get players to train a variety of different things, it's not meant to be a sprint towards the reward. For most players, myself included, i will gladly accept an extra 9k-15k or w/e it is i get for training something. This game just gives you more incentive to switch it up, say one day i do fishing, then the next i do agility, then the next i do herb, while you dont have to train for a specified amount of time i still get that sweet free exp, all the while just training a variety of skills in the way i normally would.
  4. do i need anything beside a rope to use the eagles? never used them before.
  5. I need to collect about 5k feathers for potions, right now i am gorying to shanty then carpeting to uzer then running to phoenix, this takes about 4min a run getting me only about 375 feathers an hour. is this normal, or is there a faster way to gather them?
  6. Arma can be done at your leisure, not in 2 hour chunks. And if someone goes to arma, it is because they ACTUALLY WANT to go to arma, not because they are forced to to kill a monster. Oh, and I am yet to see someone with a hexcrest equiped, anyone got pics? After this post you should stop talking. No-one is forcing you to kill a monster. In exactly the same way no-one is forcing you to kill arma. I have no idea why you think you are actually forced to kill Jad. If you don't want to be able to kill wyrms for a task, then don't, it's that simple. No, you are forced to get the cape if you want to have the task. You can't do it without it so how else can you do it than having to get a cape that they don't want. Sorry for having a differing opinion than your own Thats the exact same as saying "I want to use extremes, but i don't have the herblore level. They are forcing me to train herblore!!!111!111!!!" seriously, its just a requirement to kill them, if you want to kill them follow the requirement, if you don't want to do the requirement then you don't get to kill them.
  7. you do realize that this is your own fault, right? All it takes is a quest to gain access to a completely empty area full of bloodvields
  8. "Yes it will; lots and lots according our learned finance folks and their pretty charts and graphs. To us, though, its more important to provide a great gaming experience to our players. For the avoidance of doubt, Jagex stands for Just about the Gaming Experience. when did this happen? It has always stood for JAva Gaming EXperts hasn't it?
  9. fish hats and the bear head :mrgreen:
  10. I personally find them extremely annoying and see no point to why i have to listen to another persons quest item. It's just like the dog whistles were(even though these dont make my rl dog spaz out)
  11. Guthix's rules don't apply to Zaros. The edicts were enacted at the end(they where the end) of the Godwars. Zaros was banished right before the Godwars and the territory Zaros left was the reason for the wars.
  12. red smoke- You collect red smoke during an arav quest under the chaos temple Penguins are red OMG A PENGUIN QUEST!
  13. A powerful force will soon be released. I bow to you Zaros.
  14. sounds like you want an evil chicken sort of boss. the difficulty being based on the players own skills.
  15. dude stfo, seriously NOBODY cares! So what if you think that yours was so much better than what he did, he just wants to share it with us. And if you're going to whine and [bleep] like a little baby why dont we just go get olly or some other maxed player to wine and [bleep] at every level up you post, because maxing is way harder than any level you will be getting soon. All in all if you don't think someone else deserves to post something that they find mildly interesting you can go take a [bleep]ing hike and find a new forum, i suggest you would fit in nicely with the rsof crowd. ps. this goes to bacon and others that are flaming the guy too.
  16. Keep going man! Btw feel free to pm me anytime in game and we can skill or slay together.
  17. finally beat nomad after 2.5m and 9 tries. the battle was a lot harder than i expected, mainly for the fact that i kept thinking my max hp was 95 instead of 96, needless to say i got killed 3 times because of that alone. I actually found the final part of the fight the easiest, just prayer melee and brewed when necessary.
  18. I beat Nomad on my 9th try(2.5m later) and I got 91 str, 95 range, and 97 attack from the points. But somehow my swiftkit didn't save any of those last 5 screenshots :wall: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  19. Saradomin never had control of the wild. Zaros held control of it until he was banished and the ensuing god wars destroyed the nature and the magnificent Zarosian cites, leaving the land in its modern scared state.
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