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  1. nothing really on solo in that, thanks for trying though :
  2. Well i have decided that after 99 attack range, and hp with 88 summoning(probably) I will be shooting for 1000 solo kills of each godwars boss. what i need to know is the best/second best(in case of money issues) gear and setup for each boss.
  3. I would like to get an average rate of all the rare item drops for all four bosses. The reason for this is because I have a plan to(over the next year or more) solo 1000 of each of the godwars bosses. I will be starting with 100 each though just to see how the 1000 each will shape up. So i would like drop rates of each item, and if you would please i do not need a discussion of "drop rates" i understand them and the luck factor. I just want an average please.
  4. there a safespot? i heard hes impossible to solo he is. the most you will be able to get is a blessed with a regular ss and a elixer, bu i'm not sure if you need a high pray level or not.
  5. i cant believe how little people are willing to pay for cw armor. I would kill to have those sets, and yet i hate cw lol
  6. 3.5m cooking exp in one day, but that will soon be topped next week. i have 32k red chins, and 24 hours of straight play comming my way for the first time ever. hopping for 7.2m and then i will be training attack for the next week or 2 then a bit of str for hp and then range atk and hp all at once for 99
  7. 76 by a player in dh set in the pits 64 by multiple bosses including jad, bandos, and zammy godwars
  8. Why wouldn't you give a teammate clay? There really is no reason not to. If you look at the skilling games you are basically aiming for 24 points in the fastest time possible. To get those points you use upwards of at least 5 inventories and summons full of clay, how much will it hurt to give one teammate one clay? It speeds up the game and a nice gesture is always a good thing.
  9. had him out, changed to building mode and i got those messages :wall: +1
  10. Congratz!@@ Unspame: GAmee too? [/hide] No need to smother his achievement with your own. -.- Anyways, grats Ross on your chain, ily. Oh, just think how it's worth 4x less now than before. : not to mention it is the 4th or 5th time he has posted that same picture here :| unspam: one upping ross's chain
  11. I really like your account, i might try to make one of those if i even get bored. you are probably the highest ranked player who hasen't traded though :
  12. damn it! lost 89% penguin going into building mode :wall:
  13. lost a 89% grown penguin fro going into building mode with it :wall:
  14. All of that is true now, but you are loosing the most basic point of the game! To have fun! Some people like myself find it fun to train 24 different skills, and to level them all up to level 70 or w/e your goal is. There is also accomplishment still in this game that isn't a 99, such as getting ranked in all(or a specific rank) getting all skills to a certain level, and even getting your total to that next landmark.
  15. ...to atleast 80-85. if not 90+ to make life that much easier, and not only for godwars ether.
  16. not possible, that is why the elite sold for 8m+ and d'hi for 4m+ the first entire week, if you could get multiple pairs it would have crashed sooner
  17. Sorry walkingdeat... Seriously though I had him insult me like that once(for telling him that I didn't believe what he said was English, if I am correct), but of course if was removed and he received no punishment according to him, and his ability to still post here.
  18. thanks =) and another 70 down, just rc left but that wont get trained for a while yet.
  19. lack of cropping, the stews, and the buying full Santa(spelled wrong might i add).
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