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  1. If you look at you sig we appear to have two moons
  2. wow you must barrows and clue hunt, not to mention vissage hunt A LOT. to have all that by yourself.
  3. can i buy the zerker please and you could drop the cash?
  4. yea you all got it, i had the boost going too so it really was 100 cooking.
  5. only time people really get added is for monster hunting, or they are friends from "fun cave"
  6. OMG an item crashed in price! 0_o This has never happened before, ever! It defiantly deserves its own thread! I mean it's an item crashing for guthix sake!
  7. i could go for some skilling prayers personally, i mean it's not like people only prayed for battle. even today the only time most people pray is to bless food :? .
  8. hellhounds kalphites iron dragons steel dragons As you can see, i hate crowds.
  9. Wow, remember me zerker at the cook guild earlier today? When you logged in I said I would kill you in your rune skirt, rune warhammer look. Sucks about that, you gonna try and make it back? Naw, I was getting bored playing on that account. I'm gonna be playing on my pure from now on. you have so much reward potential now though, just 75k like 20 times for your 5 zaros lol
  10. Would you just like a smaller version? Thanks, also :D ___ great_one: [img=http://i30.tinypic.com/9pnjop.jpg] Enjoy :thumbup: i love the look of it, but are there any chances you could add the name "Great One330" to it?
  11. nothing is averaged every kill you have the same slim chances of getting a drop. and 2 garg tasks is nothing, i did 12 150+ tasks before my first maul
  12. what really grinds my gears is that they say that we can't expect them to update every week and how hard it is for them. i understand that it is hard to produce the updates, but last year alone they only took 2 weeks without updates, yet this year just count how many they have taken and comare it to the updates of the weeks after.
  13. 6/10 to much going on in the background
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong but is it that someone is skulled, that's just because he was in a PVP world recently though, nothing wrong with that. Lmao pink portal died and yet it says it has 200 HP left and has shield :x nope it is the right portal, what is wrong is that the spinner hasn't exploded
  15. Well, nuts. how many weeks have they taken off this year so far. i remember last year their were a total of 2 times, for rs hd and summoning i think. The game. It really sucks this year.
  16. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... :( i wanted to see you at 1000 whips camped!
  17. Nothing against you, but i'd like to point out that goraks, miths and squahs are small amounts assigned that can be easily done. Taking maybe 30-45 mins to do those tasks. Now would u rather spend the time and do them to get an easy 15 points, or waste 30 points blocking them? Also Gargs have very nice drops for such a small requirement. They area pain though as you need to hammer them. I have no experience on T-birds but i hear they are good exp. Waterfiends are one of the better tasks to do if you have 68+ summoning and 80+ combat stats. If you don't they tend to be annoying. Now fire giants aren't terrible bad, but they do take a while. You can also cannon those if you chose to. This wasn't really meant to offend you but to help the OP if he has some questions about these monsters as well. Also +1 Point count :D sure they all have their ups and downs but for the goraks, and miths(not necessarily the squas) what i don't like is that they are so short! i would kill for a 199 gorak task or a 35 mith task! gargs i have had 1 maul in 750 kills, and the hammer and cramped area in the ct make it hard to use a familiar effectively. waterfiends would be blocked if they weren't such a good task for crims. i personally will kill 2k without stopping of them off task but as soon as i get a number to kill it becomes a chore.(btw 83 summoning and all 90+ mellee) i like t-birds for the experience and drops but i hate the attention that needs to be payed all the time, especially with a cannon. and for fires they were horrible until the ct. and even then you have to watch it. over time they hit to hard for a bunyip, their drops are mediocre and they are large and hard to get a familiar around(unless you stand in the middle of the ct and get piled)
  18. the reason i switched back to summona is because she has more variety. i love banshies and many other of her tasks but with duradel after i block my 4 i'm left with very few tasks that aren't super fast with low exp(goraks, miths, squas etc.) or tasks that are a pain in the but( gargs, t-birds, waterfiends, sometimes fires) and it just gets boring for me. i like moving around more.
  19. Hurt: drunken dwarf Heal: Larry Evil Dave - 50 Duradel - 70 Larry - 60 Drunken Dwarf -125 Blaze Shareye - 10
  20. for many the skill capes are incentives to get members, so it makes no sense to make them free, same effort or not. It would be like making all dragon armor free too. (even though i do support f2p getting the kbd and d meds)
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