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  1. updated first post will tons of stuff like level up's, drops, and my most recent bob :thumbsup:
  2. just been wandering between a few thing recently and i have decided to do tons of skilling :thumbsup: here are the item/numerical goals 300/584 wild agility courses 0/1705 oak planks used(con) 70 farming done! 0/41,198 maple logs burned 6,600/89,000 monkfish caught Hunter done! (for now) 0/22,185 superglass make(ed) 100/5,500 gold mined 2000/2000 potions made list updated 6/12/09 -11:59pm 6/13/09 -2:29pm 6/14/09 -2:32am 7/3/09 7/18/09 7/21/09 I decided to start actually using this again so expect some updates soon. Current goals 90-94-99 attack 90-91-99 range 90-90-95 str 93-95-99 hp 79-83-88 summoning that is in the order that they will probably happen. Getting 98.9 attack while the same with range using red chins. then i will get to 95 str on waterfiends for charms and that will get me to 99 hp nd i will get all 3 99's at once(i hope). Nice way to trim a cooking cape eh?
  3. Is this going to affect 50/50 GOP clans? Is Jagex really trying to get rid of mini-game clans? Forgive me if I'm missing something here. as long as the loosing team still gets one or 2 in a round they will probably be fine.
  4. Shame that I just built a Large Fountain [requiring, count them, TWO marble blocks] yesterday, and now I'll have to take it down, to preserve my house's general shape. I'm sort of OCD about symmetry :S weeee for having bought a bgs for the news :wall: :wall: guess i'll just use it lol.
  5. Grats. I'll unspam in a few dozen hours once I hit the reqs to start and/or finish WGS. Blasted farming.... you are ready my friend. Here take this garden pie, eat one slice before and plant the special snapdraggon. Practice your skills of patience, and then once it has grown you shall pluck the herb from it's stem and become master of While Guthix Sleeps!!!
  6. I will be using this once I am done with my attack and range training and probably camp here till at least 96.
  7. 1. the pvp system and how in makes the items coming into and leaving the game uneven. 2. the ge system/manipulators 3. Jagex's inability to see that high level content isn't unplayable by the majority, it's something to strive for! 4. the lack of usefulness in skilling, (easily negated by high level UN-tradable content) 5. Jagex's babying of the post 10-12 generation
  8. fli and fast laws are unfortunately dead, those were the two biggest. it was fli(forgot the whole name or what it stands for) that actually got the law world, and i just happen to be good friends with the leader "great one60" we met in-game though not irl
  9. well the thing with armored zombies adk, i just really don't like them for some reason. But i might try dusties along the way and continue with spirit warriors, not to mention dags if i feel like treasure hunting.
  10. nice work! and my greatest achievement is being able to get, and have members without my dad knowing for 2 years(he would make me stop if he did)
  11. those are both un-afk-able even for a little bit. I am currently killing spirit warriors. the exp is okay but the drops are exceptional except for the no charm thing. Still haven't found what i'm looking for exactly.
  12. jellies are kind of a "eh" option, I think if i wanted to go to something that i had to click on every monster i would do dusties as they are over 60k exp and hour with decent charms, but alas they are not.
  13. I would still appreciate some more help as i have not found anything very good yet and I am not interested in armored zombies. I will be trying the skeletons though.
  14. I have tried armored zombies and i don't find them enjoyable. Also i only bumped it so others would know i am still looking for more help. :geek:
  15. 15 dry- t hammers- 33 dry - back to back guth bodies - 63 dry and counting as you can see some people are lucky, other are unfortunately not.
  16. Is there a guide or something for this, and what is the exp/hour and charms/hour?
  17. maybe you should read the entire post. he said the highest level with only melee, then he stated what he though the be the strongest melee attack itself.
  18. Well I have decided that I want to camp to 98.99 attack. While camping i would also like to get some charms in the process(big priority). Another think i want though is to be able to semi-afk it where I can have a movie on and have my rs browser small as i wont be paying tons of attention. Another big priority though is the attack exp i can gain/hour as I will be getting 99 attack from it, so even though they fit well wyverns are out(unless you can get more than 50-60k exp/hour and i don't know it :? ). Another bonus would be drops, this isn't a big deal but it would be nice. Some things to remember before posting. -must be able to train attack on it -must be semi-afk-able -must have decent exp, nothing under 50k/hour otherwise it is totally worthless to me -should drop charms(not necessary but it helps) -decent drops would be nice too -multi-combat would be nice not necessary -please do not say slayer as i am bored with it atm(slayer monsters are okay though) The best i have come up with so far is ct dags 60k exp/hour 40crims/hour drops make up for the pots. and i would be doing one level 2 clue(if i got one) every 2 hour or so(maybe) So any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.
  19. agreed :( :cry: :anxious: <---and they should put that one with the main smilies again
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