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  1. The efficiency article really missed the key (dungeoneering reference, get it?). People who practice the author's 'pure efficiency' usually do so for two reasons:


    1. They want to minimize the time spent doing menial labor so as to maximize how much time they spend having actual fun. Barbarian fishing and shark fishing are nearly identical, but one results in less time spent fishing. The only way to rationalize shark fishing over barbarian fishing is if you actually find the pixel sharks to be prettier than the pixel sturgeons.

    2. They enjoy competition with either themselves or their peers. Maximizing your exp/h slayer can be challenging, and many people enjoy the challenge. The best case of this is in dungeoneering, however.


    Comparing boring menial labor to eating gourmet food is pretty stupid. You could've compared it to sex and the result would be the same. You're literally comparing apples and oranges (or sex).

  2. Can I please just have a damn hex... 117 dg... so bored w/ plate and don't want CSB ;_;





    The only reason to not use a CSB are 1) laziness, 2) trying to break speedfloor records. I doubt the latter applies to you, so go ahead and bind a CSB so you can be more helpful to your teams. Unless you do group GDs 24/7, in which case it matters a lot less.

  3. Lol, it's just a tiny little short story that I found amusing. And just to remind everyone, Kayla was the insane girl who I dated over New Years last year.


    So I'm at work, right? I'm ringing up a huge line of people at the register, and out of the corner of my eye I spy two people who look familiar. Now, I have bad eyesight and I only recognized the first person because he's black and gay (and don't you [bleep]ing tell me that you would not recognize your gay black friend from a mile away if you had one). When they got a little closer I saw that the girl he was with had big beautiful brown hair, and my first thought was OH SHIT LOL IS THAT KAYLA, and when she turned towards me I saw that it was her and lol'd on the inside.


    All of this happened in the space of maybe 5 seconds, and I'm still ringing a customer up so I look away from my gay black friend and my former fling to resume my work. A few seconds later I hear someone say in a hushed-yet-frantic tone, "OMG IT'S JIMI," and I look up to see both of them powerwalking towards the exit of the store. I think I literally laughed out loud and the customer I was helping just looked at me like I was crazy.



  4. What I'm getting at is don't waste time making armour/fishing and cooking food etc. And don't kill the monsters in a room unless it's a guardian door.


    There are some exceptions to that depending on SSH hood and levels though; eg in many puzzle rooms a high level monster should be downed to avoid mass damage and food waste while solving and killing off the odd mage in some rooms to keep ssh working can be useful when you do need to gather fish or armour (because as much as you say not too some of us do need to, especially if you lack an armour bind and/or soulsplit) Or atleast the floors I've done duo/group have been done that way with clan mates and we got some serious dgers who actually do the really good fast times.


    You can't kill a mage before it dehoods at least some of your teammates, and should be using the obstacles in puzzle rooms to avoid damage as much as possible. There's really very, very few instances where you should ever have to mgt to a puzzle to clear it (like non-hooded 2nd page rape polter).

  5. NEVER! I'm far too busy with DGS to be skilling. I'd much rather be DGing with recruits and getting better myself. There's certain skills I want for dungeoneering (like 90 mining), but other than that I have no intention of ever maxing.


    Unless Jagex releases effigies as a dungeoneering reward. ;)

  6. I don't think it's very effective, but I've only used it for a few floors. It has slightly higher defense than just a primal plate in every category + 100 magic defense and hex accuracy. My rationale for trying it was that I could remove the legs or body depending on what I was attacking or being attacked by, thus increasing my accuracy with either attack style as necessary. I still the think the absolute best bind setup is hex 2h plate blood neck, though.

  7. I'm too tired to write a whole lot, so I'll just say that dungeoneering is really the only thing that I truly enjoy in Runescape. Thank you to every single member of DGS for everything. My current binds are hood, primal 2h, hexhunter, and primal plate. I'll be messing around with various setups for awhile.


    Now I'll be working towards 200m exp, but more importantly I'll be working on solidifying DGS' place as the best dungeoneering clan in Runescape.





  8. You have two gatestones available to you in dungeoneering: your personal gatestone and your group gatestone. You start the floor with your group gatestone, and you use the group gatestone teleport (3 law runes) to teleport to it. Use the gatestone spell to create and teleport to your personal gatestone (3 cosmics). Using both of your gatestones, you can traverse the map much more quickly by placing them in strategic locations. "Gating" is when you drop your personal gatestone in a specific spot (ie, "gated yellow rectangle door"). In a solo medium floor, "gating" can be used with either gatestone, though it's worth noting that using your personal gatestone to teleport away from a location negates any damage you would've taken as you clicked the teleport spell.


    Anyway, utilizing your gatestones and gating intelligently and strategically is how you solo floors quickly.

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