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  1. I like the HUnting cape... it's just I'm not very good at hunting lol. :oops: Level 50 atm... maybe i'll trap some chins to see how they go. (Once I can trap them.) :oops: id do hunter, on my blog theres a link to a very good powerleveling guide to 99 hunter, which if you do red chins from 63-99 will make u 35m :)
  2. OUCH! :shock: really bad luck, hope you got a bank pin now lol.... looking postivly on the bright side they left torso! good luck with the mining, what lvl will that get you btw?
  3. rofl.. never saw ur old blog but it must have been good :) good luck mining btw
  4. nice guide, maybe you should mention, that if you want money do 63-99 on chins :D 35m or so from the 48k chins u get
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