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  1. During the first few days of nex this was discussed pretty heavily and I'm 95% sure the conclusion was that if everyone on the team is using regular prayers that her last form uses soul split less. one of the teams including stokenut found it to be true. so there's truth in saying it heals her more to have curses on but if you are using a method that requires turmoil it will still pay off to bring curses for faster kills as a team.
  2. This is my care cup c[_] and it is empty.
  3. the best option you have is to raise hitpoints by training with range and combat spells or use soul wars/ pest controll to artificially raise your hitpoints
  4. I'm afraid this might have gotten ignored being at the bottom of the last page
  5. Well today I took my meds for mathphobia, so lets just explore what making 4billion the honest way means. If we explore your honest RC model. Basis: 1mil/hr 25k xp/hr Results: 4000hr required (166 days), and ~106 mil xp. Number of players that qualify for that as of today: 7 Conclusion: Lets face it if you got 4billion lieing around then the odds are much greater that you bent the rules or scammed the living daylight out of your fellow players, than the odds of you even remotely being worthy of title, "legitimate player". this post just proves that you are stuck in your ways of non FT money making. There are many ways to make more than 1m per hour once your money stack hits even 100M. a player could turn that into 4b easily in less than a day with dueling, albeit with much more risk but it's completely possible.. merchanting with that same 100m could earn you decent amounts over 1m/hr without even being logged on. Also I believe you missed a key factor in your math, the OP said cheap phats/crackers which were bought as an investment, and as hat sets were a steady 60-100m for around a year it is pretty feasibly possible to work less than a week of in game time before, and easily afford a set of torva armor today. one of the many perks of having played back then. OT: I don't read the rsof but I am liking the new spirit shield prices, are the ge guide prices correct enough now that people are actually cs'ing corp beast? I would love to start corping again.
  6. looks good! abyssal demons drop something close to a dragon bone now look for them to be crowded. Is there any info yet on how many items each urn holds? these could make training in remote places far from banks far more worthwhile if you can get 10 or even 20 inventories before needing to bank. that is, however; If I am correct in assuming you keep what you collect in the urns the new drink on karamja is the acai - no doubt originating from the new diet fad, heals 50 LP
  7. Zeljovac here :razz: I know you played way back hope u get your recovery thru bro gl
  8. I can do 30-35 demons with that much prayer and I say its because of quick switches, which is probably the only thing you can improve on with practice. Super prayers are a great idea if you want to extend trips and again theres always room for improvement on timing. I have seen the math at one point too for rapier/cls at tds and (i believe) with perfect switching that the cls was half a percent (%0.5) better than the rapier. I have the rapier myself and it allows me to kill demons within one shield easily but if you are slower or don't like fast combat any chaotic is a step up here :) edit: forgot to mention I use void and that the %15 bonuses it gives to attack and strength stack even more with faster weapons like the cr, maximising damage.
  9. you never cease to amaze :) keep up the good work soldier!
  10. This should probably go in the tips section but this is a seriously sweet find!
  11. I don't know about the rest of the runescape population but staking was my favorite pastime in the world and there will definitely be some fresh meat looking for a quick buck. I've been spending every waking moment online at damonheim to get a CLS but I will now be saving my tokens for if and when this update occurs to favor the higher DPS of the rapier just in case. I cannot wait to see the outcome!
  12. I would love to see some explanation for those zgs pics. it's pretty unbelievable that some merchant would not have an offer within that 400k range.
  13. I doubt there would be a system in place to further punish rule breakers by stalling their ge offers. As for the more commonly traded items I would agree that there is more random distribution because filling the earliest offer's whole order, and doing so down the line, would create a pretty large backlog of orders I'd imagine. I think everyone agrees that earlier offers are fulfilled first most of the time but that simply doesn't work well with massively traded items so jagex allow one sale (say 100 herbs) to send your order to the end of the que for offers at that value (allowing more people at that price get their product faster), and as Sxq stated having multiple offers for 1 of an item would negate this rule as there is no reason to send a fulfilled order to the end of the line thus allowing your other 5 offers to be completed based on who was first without having them reset as they would if it was a single offer for multiples of the same item. In the OP's example he is using an item that needs to use the que system to evenly distribute all the items fairly to all players, but I'd be willing to bet that in the cases of sniping one item the earliest offer will be fulfilled first. Of course the only way to test this is to make sure both offers would be filled in a given time (hard to do with anything worth sniping, I'm afraid) and see which completes first based on the time you place the offer. Alternatively, put in a buy offer for 1 of the same herb (make sure you would find a price that wont buy immediately so you would have time to set the second offer on another account) and then see which buys first and go by that.
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