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  1. This is true. I'm always really hyped when a new quest is released. I will third that. and [hide]I refused to kill the pups, only the matriarch died.[/hide]
  2. These two look dragonkin related [hide] [/hide] Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this the cave area below the Dorgesh Kaan agility course? [hide][/hide] Yeah that looks like Ardy. [hide][/hide] Jabba!!!! [hide][/hide] Entrance to TzHaar city!?!? :o :o :o :o :o :o [hide][/hide]
  3. OR is he actually dastardly villain? Creating massive amounts of mind control devices in the form of toys for milk and cookies and will eventually activate them to control the world's past and present children effectively becoming the ruler of Earth.
  4. Santa would win. I'm surprised that no one has brought in santa's workshop as one of his weapons. If he can, in one year, build enough toys to supply the world's children with toys what kind of diabolical weapons could he make in one day? Both have unknown numbers of followers so that is negligible. Jesus may have God but while he was alive all God granted for him were the power to feed the hungry, cure the sick, and a three day respawn. Santa is more built to fighting than Jesus is. Santa must have a crazy metabolism, with all of the food that he eats while maintaining a not so large size (I'm guessing fluffy in the Iglesias scale of fatness). Santa can also move at incredible speeds, in 24 hours he can circumnavigate the globe. Or it may be his deer but whatever. Anyway I see the fight turning into a fistfight in the end as bullets and other metal weapons would likely turn into bread (a baguette would probably be a viable weapon).
  5. Implying it will get enough speed to crash in the first place. Then it will groan to a halt. The format of the official wiki is just terrible. Not only that but some pages are just terrible. This page made me lol: The Dust Devil page
  6. Wow... all I can say is wow. That's amazing. On that same note, how would this look like as a sphere?
  7. Proof that jagex is putting laser guns in rs.
  8. Have you not heard any Catholic priest jokes? on topic: I really do hope that this actually works and not in the I Am Legend style. edit: woo 400 posts
  9. Usually to me the quest IS the reward so I'm looking forward to this music based quest.
  10. I just hope that Nomad and Zeneviva (or whatever her name is) are not in the same room fighting against you. Good lord, frozen then hit by nomad's 700. NTY!
  11. I'm guessing the higher than normal computer usage will ease away later on.
  12. The worlds were infested tick...tick...tick... Their resources devastated tick...tick...tick... Every action contested tick...tick...tick... Everyone thought the creator had left them deserted tick...tick...tick... With their red head legs feet and left hand tick...tick...tick... With grey torsos-black weapons they traveled the land tick...tick...tick... The people were angry the people were furious tick...tick...tick... The creator too had enough with this tick...tick...tick... So the creator built a weapon of such majesty and grace tick! And nuked all of the scourge with a grin on their face!
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