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  1. Now's a pretty good time as the set is on the decline. Put your offers slightly above min, and you should get them for under 40m.
  2. I hope I can get my hands on a white phat. It's been one of my endgame goals and I think I'll go F2P after getting one. Does anyone else think that free staking may increase the demand for phats?
  3. 1. Will the GE volume limits remain or be removed? What about the 4 hour time limit between buying and selling the same item? 2. How will item lending and untradable items (especially dungeoneering equipment) work with the new wilderness? 3. Item scamming and luring will no doubt return. Will these be reportable offenses or will they simply be against the spirit of the game? 4. What safeguards will be in place to distinguish between innocuous wealth transfer and RWT?
  4. Interesting how torva pieces updated twice in GE already while pernix and virtus haven't even updated once. Maybe they're on different timers? I've had an offer for pernix body for max since the Nex update. My only hope for getting one would be if the GE updated before free trade comes out, everyone else puts back their offer for max, and a piece gets CS'ed to me. Heh.
  5. Paws work with cannon :thumbsup: I wonder if destroying lets you get a fully charged pair again.
  6. The Radeon 3200 is an integrated video card and is most likely the FPS bottleneck. I'm guessing you own an OEM machine, not a custom build. Most likely your motherboard doesn't have a PCI-e slot, and so you will have to get a new motherboard to upgrade your video card. But if it does, you could get a secondhand video card like a Radeon HD 4850 / GeForce 9800 which would work well with RS.
  7. Don't forget elite task rewards. You could get 200k xp once you get 93 summoning from Ardy Elite, and any others you haven't done yet. You could train slayer normally until like 1m to level 99, probably getting 5 more effigies and getting 94-95 summ banked in the process. Use 21 effigies to max out slayer, then use whatever charms and elite lamps you have on summoning. Then your remaining 26 effigies will get you 96 summ. That's assuming you don't care about 99 summ. If you did, then you should train slayer normally all the way.
  8. Air bstaffs are a favorite of alchers, so they are extremely easy to sell. Dstones are crashing right now from the looks of it. Normally they would be easy to sell as well. But they certainly aren't junk imo. The GE limits for them are pretty low, so you can ignore training on them if you wish.
  9. Which situations do you find yourself dieing the most often? Keep your ring on Gatherer to lessen skill door damage and learn how to use GS tele drop trick to negate damage.
  10. Dstones and air battlestaffs from GE/Naff daily, cutting emeralds or diamonds after exhausting limits.
  11. 5m with 99 smithing, or 500k/hr sounds reasonable enough to me.
  12. Chaotic weapons last 60k combat ticks of attacking and being attacked. If you, with your rapier were engaged in combat with 7 other monsters of the same speed (say, at daggs), then that's 60k/8=7500 combat ticks before degrading. Every tick = 2.6 seconds. So 7500*2.6=18k seconds or 5 hours of use before degrading.
  13. From RSWiki Woah...is this even real? Seems unlikely someone has full pernix and the bow to test this. go try it yourself... we die trying and you are asking.. lol .. jk They say the second mouse gets the cheese :wink: Nothing, they are very out of touch with the game. The way it was worded, I was expecting a paradigm shift of sorts. Slayer is not going to change. Very few will risk this armor in dangerous PVP, and those that do will probably get refused fights for a whilie. Bossing will be easier as the armor makes brew/ovls much better, especially if brews/armor stack.
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